Star wars miniatures database & checklist

A comprehensive compilation of star wars miniatures set list. Be familiar with the different set lists that house some of the rarest star wars minis


Kenner started the production of star wars toys thus starting star wars action figures collecting which continues up to this day.

Numerous toy lines kept coming after the other, the most prominent ones include the likes of vintage star wars toys, star wars mini figures and the clone wars action figures among others.

Star wars miniature of Felucian warrior on rancor

Serious collectors passionately collect vintage star wars figurines not only for its value and worth but primarily for its rare and classic features.


Younger star wars fans collect star wars clone wars because of its animated features relating to the star wars film where it’s based from. The modern feature of the clone wars do appeals to the young star wars collectors.

In 1989 West End Games introduced a new addition to the star wars toys. Presented in a form of a table-top game, star wars miniatures was born along with an RPG (role playing game) in which the  rules are strictly formulated to coincide with both games.

West End Games was bankrupt in 1999 and Wizards of the Coast or could be referred to as WotC picked up the line and resumed the production of the metal minis until 2001 till it was once again cancelled.

In September 3, 2004 star wars miniatures was reintroduce by WotC, but this time the mini figures are made of plastic.


Star wars miniature trade federation battleship

The star wars figurine checklist do help in terms of getting acquainted to all the other star wars toys there is.

In collecting star wars miniatures, the database and checklist serves as an important tool in guiding collectors thru the different set lists under the star wars miniatures.

This star wars miniatures database is put up for everyone to use, to those who wish to keep track of the set lists under the star wars mini figures line.

Click on the links to view their database and checklist.

Star wars miniatures set lists:

Star wars Rebel Storm miniatures database - the first star wars miniatures set released by Hasbro in Sept. 3, 2004.

Star wars Clone Strike miniatures checklist - randomized star wars minis in this set can be played directly which is based from the Clone strike characters.

Star wars Revenge of the Sith miniatures database & checklist - this 3rd expansion to the star wars miniatures line features collector worthy mini figures.

Star wars Universe miniatures checklist - released on August 19, 2005, universe is the first set to include star wars characters from more than one era.

Star wars Champions of the Force miniatures database & checklist - the set is themed on heroic Jedi and evil Sith deriving all characters from Star wars Universe.

Star wars Bounty Hunters miniatures database & checklist - comprised mainly of the star wars bounty hunters characters and introduces Mandalorian as a playable faction.

Star wars Alliance and Empire miniatures database & checklist - this set is the 7th expansion to WotC's miniatures line. It is also a part of a series of products released to commemorate star wars' 30th anniversary.


Star wars miniatures vehicle for starship battles

Star wars The Force Unleashed miniatures database & checklist - this set is loaded with star wars mini figures characters that players can combine into really cool squads and lots of super strong Jedi.

Star wars Legacy of the Force miniatures database & checklist - released March 28, 2008, legacy of the force miniatures primarily focuses on the Legacy comics, novels, and other sources.

Star wars Knights of the Old Republic miniatures database & checklist - the set allow players to recreate conflicts from the pre-history of the Star wars universe.

Star wars The Clone Wars miniatures checklist - based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, clone wars miniatures were released November 4, 2008 featuring both new and familiar characters from the film. (See list on Star wars miniatures article)

Star wars Imperial Entanglements miniatures database & checklist - like the clone wars miniatures, this set also features 40 mini figures instead of 60.

Star wars Jedi Academy miniatures checklist - the set draws upon the totality of the star wars saga covering multiple eras perfect for table top skirmish play.

Star wars Galaxy at War miniatures checklist- a future expansion to the miniatures line, the set is the ultimate collection of military-minded heroes and villains.

Star wars Dark Times miniatures database – star wars miniatures future expansion. No list available yet.

Star wars Masters of the Force miniatures database – star wars miniatures future expansion. No list available yet.

All in all, there are 16 miniature set lists available. 3 of which are still unreleased and 2 have no definite list yet. Below is the list of star wars miniatures under their specific set lists.

The star wars figurines history stages a colorful transition of toy lines right after the other. The list goes on as star wars clings with ease on the fore front of action figures collecting.



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