Collecting Indiana Jones action figures

Indiana Jones action figures

Indy action figures collecting tips and guide

The success of the Indiana Jones films helped established the demand for its action figure. Toy companies and action figures manufacturers are producing several toy lines to satisfy the fans.

Based on the historical fantasy adventures of the fictional archaeologist, Indiana Jones action figures are among the highly sought after items to add in an action figure collection.

Indiana Jones action figures

The first wave of Indiana Jones action figures hit store shelves in 1982, year after the debut of the first Indiana Jones movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark in July 1981.

The long delay was due to the lack of license signed to release the figures before the movie hit theatres.

Kenner bagged the rights to produce the first wave of the Indiana Jones figures, the same toy company responsible for the successful Star wars action figures line.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark action figures (1981) – based on the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.

• Kenner Indiana Jones action figures

– initially released four 3.75” carded figures of Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, Toht, and the Cairo Swordsman in 1982. Two Indiana Jones playsets were also released: Well of Souls Action Playset and the Map Room Action Playset.

– Except for Marion, the action figures had fabric dresses and had knee joints. Kenner also issued 12” Indy action figures based on the Raiders movie.

– However, the toy line did not immediately follow the movie’s success. It suffered from low sales and large overstocked items, many of the merchandise were destroyed and were put on clearance sale.

– As collecting Indiana Jones figures slowly raised to popularity, collectors started looking for the 80’s Indy figures. These vintage Indiana Jones action figures are rare, sought after and are now priced higher and are more valuable.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom action figures (1984) – based on the prequel movie Temple of Doom (ToD).

• LJN Indiana Jones action figures

– took over the production of the Indy figures for the prequel movie, Temple of Doom. They released only 3 figures in 1984; Indiana Jones, Mola Ram, and the Giant Hugee.

– 3 ¾ “ Indiana Jones action figures were produced as well as miniature Indiana Jones metal figures used for role playing game.

– LJN Toys Ltd. also produced three 6” ToD Indiana Jones figurines in 1984: Indiana Jones, Short Round, Temple Guard, Thug, Willie Scott, and Mola Ram action figures.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade action figures (1989) – based on the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

– saw no merchandise tie-ins until in 1993, Horizon Toys released highly detailed vinyl model kits of Last Crusade Indiana Jones action figures.

– In 1999, Toys McCoy released 3000 pieces of 12-inch Indy figures and his horse that was exclusive to Japanese market.

– Galoob Lewis Toys Inc. also released their line of Indiana Jones figures. A box set of Micromachines that contained 10 vehicles and 1 Indiana Jones figures that were shown in the all the 3 Indiana Jones films.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull action figures (2008) – based on the Indy movie Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

• Hasbro Indiana Jones action figures

– from Hasbro, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull action figures are showcased in an assortment of 6” figures. The figures have over 30 points of articulation and can be posed in several positions.

– Hasbro Indy action figures were produced in smaller scales and in regular and deluxe packs.

– Also released were figures tied to the latest film, characters of Mutt Williams, a Cemetery Warrior, Ugha Warrior, Russian Soldier, Irina Spalko, and Colonel Dovchenko action figure.

Buying Indiana Jones action figures

Indiana Jones figures and action figures in general are mostly priced higher than other collectible toys. With this, it is best to know key points and helpful tips in buying your Indy figure, one that is worth the price you paid for.

How to buy Indiana Jones action figures

• What Indiana Jones figure to purchase?

If you already have a collection of Indy figurines check your pile for any characters that you may have missed.

If you are just starting to collect Indy figures, acquire the ones that appeals to you most. You can also start by collecting the basic figures first (primary characters) before expand to getting them all.

• Check the condition

The valuation of an Indy Jones figures depends mainly on its condition.

Look for signs of wear and tear in the action figures. Discoloration, paint chips, malformed and missing body parts, and complete accessories affects the worth and price of an Indiana Jones figure.

• Buy from trusted seller

Check the seller’s reputation. Inquire on other previous buyers for references on the Indiana Jones seller or dealer’s feedback.

• Clarify the terms and condition of your purchase

Ask the seller for warrantees and guarantees. For transactions made online, clarify issues of payment terms, shipping costs, and other extra fees.

Where to buy Indiana Jones action figures

• Buy Indiana Jones action figures online

Online auctions – such as eBay, offers a wide collection of Indiana Jones action figures. You just have to be well informed and skilled at online auctions as not to be outbid by other Indy action figures collectors.

Online classified ads – find various selections of Indy figurines. Check out our action figures classifieds, know other Indiana Jones action figures collectors and sell, buy, post, and trade Indy figurines.

Online toy shops and store – visit online Indiana Jones action figures store. Indy figures and playsets are available on major toy companies and manufacturers.

• Other places to find and buy Indiana Jones action figures for sale include collectible shops, malls, specialty store, and yard sales.

Indiana Jones action figures maintenance

• Follow these tips in taking care of your Indiana Jones action figures

When in display

a.) Place the figures where it cannot be reached by direct sunlight.

b.) To avoid too much exposure to dust and dirt, wipe the figures with a clean smooth cloth. For those figures whose materials allow them to be washed, do so by submerging the figures in water mixed with soap. Scrub them gently with a soft bristled brush.

When storing

a.) Store your figures in a tightly sealed storage.

b.) You can also use boxes with tight lids and sturdy plastic containers.

Keep your Indiana Jones figures away from the harmful elements of sunlight (direct), heat, humidity, dirt, and dust. These factors can damage the figures material and affect its posture. The dirt could create grime build up and discolor your collectible Indy action figure.