Crystal figurines collecting is a fun hobby

Crystal figurines collecting is a fun hobby

Introduction to crystal figurines collecting

Crystal figurine collecting is a fun hobby, but nonetheless it’s not for all ages. They are very fragile, it is not intended for playing purposes because they are not considered as toys. Therefore, only mature individuals are capable of doing so.

There are some ways of making crystal miniatures collecting more fun and even more rewarding. Before starting a collection, you have to be more decisive and determined.

Decide what kind of crystal figurine you really want to collect, or make a theme for your collection. In this way your collection will be more organize and will make your display more interesting.

Choose from different types of crystal figurines

There are lots of themes to choose from, whether your crystal figurines collection will comprise of all animals, view them as farm animals, forest animals, jungle animals, zoo animals and build a cluster of figurines in these groups. Dolphins, oysters, starfish, lighthouses and sailboats create an ocean theme. Expand your imagination, because the possibilities are endless, work on that creative mind.

There are some crystal miniatures collectors that focus on one category of figurines such as guardian angels, mother and child or butterflies. In this case, you may theme them by manufacturer, size, color or artistic value. Each of these themes can be made attractive and interesting.

You can also think of combining you collections into groups. For example, you can place a butterfly close to a rose figurine or combining a playful dog figurine with a child. Think about relationships and you’ll come up with lots of ideas and combinations.

Safety and maintenance

Be sure to place your crystal figurines in a safe and secure place, you may place them in a curio cabinet or in a glass shelf. Be sure that children cannot reach them or else you might get broken crystal figurines for collection.

When moving your crystal collections, always carry one figurine or one part of a set at a time. It is best to wrap your hands around the body of your crystal figurine rather than using an existing handle, or projection for support.

Each time a figurine is handled for cleaning there is a greater risk of breakage through accidents and mishandling. If at all possible it is better to protect your crystal collections from soiling and dust by placing them in a dust free area rather than washing them too often.