Dragon action figures collecting

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A collector’s guide to dragon military action figure collecting

Dragon action figures were first introduced in 1999. They are fully pose-able 12” military figures with highly detailed cloth uniforms, weapons, equipments, and other accessories.

These dragon military figures are under the New Generation Life Action Figures series produced by Dragon Models Limited (DML).

DML is a leading manufacturer of plastic model kits with products ranging from aircraft, action figures, dies cast collectibles, and many others. They were established in 1987 and markets under the label “Dragon”.

DML’s Dragon action figures set the benchmark in high quality collectable action figures, winning awards and recognition as well as attracting the interest and passion of many action figure collectors.

Collecting Dragon action figures

Dragon figurines are of the worlds finest. Each dragon figure comes with its own name, unique head sculpt and elaborate accessories.

The New Generation Life Action Figures series has released over 400 licensed figures which are mostly from World War II and Modern Special Operations & Law Enforcement (US, German, British, and Russian).

Popular dragon action figures

Below is a list of famous collectible Dragon figurines from a variety of DML action figure lines. Browse through the list of acclaimed military figures to add in your collection.

Dragon Anniversary action figures

• Heinrich Achtes (Flakvierling 38 w/ Gunner) 8th anniversary action figure
• Brandt Kammerer 7th anniversary action figure
• Marcus Holzhammer (Luftwaffe FLAK Gunner) 6th anniversary action figure
• Alfons (German Gebirgsjäger) 5th anniversary action figure

Dragon Historic Warrior action figures

• Alexander the Great action figure
• Attila the Hun action figure
• Subadai the Mongol action figure
• Olaf the Viking action figure
• Ermanarich the Goth action figure
• General Robert E. Lee (Civil War) action figure
• Sergeant Jones (British Regiment of Foot) action figure

Dragon British Military action figures

• Sergeant Bob Richardson (British Military Police) action figure
• Graham (Paratrooper 2nd Battalion) action figure
• Louis Fletcher (British army) action figure
• Aaron (Operation Telic) action figure
• Corporal Geordie Strong (British Infantry Leader) action figure
• Oscar McKinnon (Special Air Service Commando) action figure

Dragon German Military action figures

• Lukas Koch (German Fallschirmjäger) action figures
• Oberleutnant Andreas Zillmer (WH Gebirgsjäger Officer) action figure
• Gefreiter Wilhelm Schaper action figure
• Philipp Wagner action figure
• Grenadier Wolfgang Knaf action figure
• Vaprossov & Anton (German Signals Team) action figures
• Eugen (Wehrmacht – Heer Medic) action figure

Dragon Soviet Military action figures

• Private Volodya Antonovich Bukayev action figure
• Sergeant Vadim Antonovich Popov (Soviet Infantry Scout w/ dog) action figure
• Anna (Red Army NCO, Traffic Control) action figure
• Dmitri (Soviet Navel Infantry) action figure

Dragon US military action figures

• Ralph (Stryker Brigade Combat Team) action figure
• Jennifer (Military Police, 101st Airborne Division) action figure
• Staff Sergeant Tim Coburn (B-17G Waist Gunner) action figure
• Peck & Hunt (Assistant Gunner and Gunner) action figure
• Private Garett White action figure
• Ben Cole (P-40 Pilot) action figure
• Jack (US Marine Sniper) action figure

Dragon Italian military action figures

• Sergio Martelli (Italian Volunteer) action figure
• Paolo Arnesi action figure
• Franco Rizzoli action figure

Dragon Minis action figures

DML expanded its action figure line with the launch of Dragon Minis series. Dragon miniature action figures are small and stylized figurines intended towards the younger fans emphasizing on both collectability and fun.

Another series, the Action18 features fully pose-able figurines in 1/18 scale that is appropriate for modelers and diorama builders. Dragon Minis action figures comes in lifelike head sculpts, moveable and interchangeable parts and joints, detailed accessories, and a re-usable packaging.

Dragon action figures buying guide

DML’s dragon action figures are a diverse collection of military figurines as well as figures of famous and influential people. These elaborate action figs are no cheap items and you have to be careful in buying one.

What dragon action figure to buy?

– Dragon’s action figure line encompasses numerous military themed figurines. When you decide to buy one, opt for a collectible dragon figure that is of your interest.

– If in case you have no particular figure that you want to acquire or you are just having a hard time choosing, consult an updated and reliable dragon figures checklist.

– From the list, pick the piece that you are most passionate about, do a search on the figure so you have the necessary knowledge on what you are about to spend money on.

– Our list of prime collectable dragon military figures can help you start your dragon figures collection and boost the ones you already have.

Besides collecting, Dragon figures also serves as ideal gift items. This military action figure is a fitting present to a friend or a family member who has served in the military or is still active in the service.

How to buy dragon action figures?

1. Check the condition of the dragon action figure you are about to buy.

2. Consult reliable and updated dragon action figure price guides. This will help you have an idea as to how much your figure really costs.

3. Make sure to buy from a trusted dragon figurine seller. Research on the seller or dealer’s reputation so you are sure and positive about making your transactions. Check the seller’s feedback or ask previous buyers for reference.

4. Clarify the terms and conditions of your purchase such as return policies, warrantees and guarantees, and extra fees such as shipping costs.

5. Beware of dragon action figure fakes and imitations. Refrain from buying those “Plain White Boxes” action figures that has no item image, they are counterfeit figures disguised to appear as originals.

Where to buy dragon action figures?

You can look for and buy dragon action figures for sale on online dragon figures stores and shops. Just make sure to purchase only from trusted sites.

Dragon action figures on online auctions – find collectable dragon figures from eBay and other trusted auctions online. They present a wide collection of dragon action figures for you to choose from.

However, buying from online auctions requires you to have a sufficient knowledge as you will be bidding with a number of dragon action figure collectors for the same item.

Dragon action figures on online classified ads – also offers a numerous selection of dragon action figures. Visit our action figures classifieds where you can post, sell, buy, and trade dragon action figures with other collectors.

You can also buy dragon action figures for sale at malls, collectible shops, specialty stores, yard and garage sales.