How to collect action figures

Collecting action figures

Learn how to buy, sell and maintain your action figures collection.

First of all, what exactly is an action figure?

An action figure is a posable character representation of an anime, comic, video game or a tv series and movie individual. They are either made of plastic, glass or other materials.

Action figures were supposedly marketed towards boys. They are particularly made for them because of the toys masculine traits.

Action figures too are commonly marketed as children’s toys but as the industry evolved, it has been widely accepted as an adult collector item with no gender specification.

Hasbro coined the term “action figure” in 1964 to promote and market their collectible G.I Joe figures to boys who were discouraged to play with action dolls. A common feature among action figures is their parts of articulation which is referred to as POA or points of articulation.

1980’s saw how the popularity of action figures spawned to different toy lines that feature successful characters from movies, comics and video games.

Action figures became a major marketing strategy among toy companies collaborating with the main figures characters producers.

Collecting action figures

Several reasons lurk behind why people fanatically collect action figures. There’s nothing specific to it, but it extends mainly to the collectors type of action dolls.

Factors such as interest, for decorative purposes and even for profit evolve around the grounds of action figure collecting.

Interest in action figures proffers to the collector’s type and pursuit. It contributes to the factor why they spend fortune in collecting. Action figs aficionados are essentially interested as well attracted to those extra franchises that surround the main trade.

The interest in collecting action figures mostly start from being kids. The appeal of staging imaginative battles and scenarios is too irresistible. Plus the fact that all the other kids are doing it brings the dilemma even more tempting.

But why are grown ups into action figure collecting too? Again, action figures are imperative collector’s items and besides these serious collectors were those perky young fans who witnessed the birth of star wars saga or followed the dragon ball z manga resulting to the dbz toys collecting we too enjoy today.

There is no denying that this interest may waver in time but it can start off again from memories. Action figures collecting chooses no gender, profile and age. The passion is your main ticket. Reminiscing how the rush and enjoyment the toys bring puts the fervor back.

Action figures also make perfect decorations. It’s a boastful collection that can both awe the kids and the kids at heart. Imagine their envy once they see a hundred Peter Parker Spiderman toys collection displayed beautifully in your living room.

Displaying your action figures collections showcase a stunning compilation of your favorite famous hero, character, villain and vehicle.

Buying action figures

Action figures and anime figurines are hot collectibles and are equally hot demands in the collectible market. Buying action figures is more or less like selling them.

The factors to consider are almost the same, as much as you want to sell your action figures for the right price, collectors too want to buy it with the right price and with the right attributes.

Follow these tips on how to properly buy action figures:

1.) Know what action figure would you like to purchase

– when you want to start collecting action figures, you first have to know which action figure you are most inclined to. Your interest in what you’re doing really puts the thrill into collecting.

2.) Check your budget

– don’t get caught in the collecting frenzy. Prioritize first, check your budget so you wouldn’t end up regretting any purchase.

3.) Check the features

– before buying your action figure, it would be best to check the features, this goes to buying new ones as well as purchasing the vintage figures. Consider the mint condition, durability as well as its authenticity.

4.) Consult Price Guides

– once again, slow down! Don’t go into a rush in purchasing something that you will regret afterwards. With regards to the price of the action figure, it’s just but advisable to check price guides that can give you the approximate value of what you are buying.

5.) Refer to online auctions

– an extra tip would be to seek for additional references. Online auctions are easy and fast places to visit if you want to distinguish what your desired figure really cost in the market today.

Determine the value of your action figures collection

Some collectors do collect for profit which applies on all aspects of collecting. In fact many people do collect because they want to make a gain out of it. For them, it is a form of investment, collecting early releases of the action figures will assure great worth in the future.

There is however a hitch to this, in action figure collecting, the toy is only worth what the potential buyer is willing to pay for or if the that collector will accept the terms of your price as well as the conditions of your figure.

In determining the value of your action figure, make sure to have a reliable and updated price guide because the collectibles market alters every now and then. Evaluating the market is least the expensive way in settling for your price.

Visit related sites and auctions that discuss prices and worth of action figures, there is nothing wrong about having more than enough references. This will also help you determine the best time to put your figs in the market.

Take into consideration the physical condition of your action figure, collectors do consider factors such as this and it does affect the value of the action figure you are selling. Even the box of the figurines and the presence and loss of its accessories counts as well.

You can also take your action figures for appraisal where a trained eye will evaluate your goods worth. However, gathering and transporting your collection might be risky and cause some damage. Plus, appraising do requires a fee, the bigger the collection, the higher it is.

To sum it up, the condition of the action figure primarily dictates how much an action figure is worth.

Maintain your action figures collection

Collecting action figures require some sort of responsibility. Collectors must understand that the materials of action figures are from being immortal and indestructible. They will age in time if not taken care of.

Proper care should be implemented to more or less preserve the figures mint condition. Signs of aging come in chipped paint, discoloration of the plastic, dirt build up and grime and dust occupying all imaginable surface of your action figure.

The anime figures’ hazardous factors include direct sunlight and heat, humidity, and of course dirt and dust.

Direct sunlight causes the action figures material to fade and blotch so keep your figures in an area where no direct sunlight can reach them. Store them in an averaged-temperature room or storage place far from excessive heat that might melt its material.

High humidity also causes damage to your collection. It causes the paint to peel off and chip. It can also cause emblems to fall off, loosen the figures joints thus your figures will find it hard to maintain their poses.

To avoid this, store your figures in sturdy boxes or plastic containers with sealed lids in order to keep out excess humidity. Avoid cardboard boxes because they allow heat and humidity in and also contains acids that can wreck the plastic and discolor paint.

The dirt and dust causes grime build up, although this may not be as harmful to the figures but it makes an unpleasing display to it. Fight off these harmful elements by handling your figures carefully and gently clean them.