Top figurine and action figure makers

Famous action figures and figurine manufacturers


Figurines and action figures have been a popular collectible items for decades, with enthusiasts searching for the perfect addition to their collection. Whether you are a fan of pop culture, anime, or video games, there is a figurine or action figure out there that suits your interests. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to know which figurine maker to trust. In this article, we will explore some of the top figurine and action figure makers that revolutionized the figurine collecting and action figure market. The list we have below is in random and their position in the list does not mean that the top is better than the one below. This list is for information purposes only.

Here are some of the famous action figure and figurine makers today


Kotobukiya is a Japanese company that specializes in producing high-quality collectible figurines and model kits. Founded in 1953, the company has since become a leading name in the Japanese toy and collectible industry.

Kotobukiya’s product line includes figures and model kits based on characters from various pop culture franchises, such as anime, manga, video games, movies, and TV shows. They’re particularly well-known for their intricate sculpting and attention to detail, with many of their figures featuring detailed textures and intricate details such as weapons, clothing, and accessories.

Some of Kotobukiya’s most popular products include their ARTFX and Bishoujo lines, which feature highly detailed, sculpted figures of popular characters from franchises such as Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, and anime and manga series. They also produce model kits that require assembly, with a particular emphasis on mecha and robots, as well as various other merchandise such as keychains, stationery, and mugs.

Kotobukiya continues to be a popular brand among collectors and fans of pop culture and has won numerous awards for its products. With its commitment to quality and (as mentioned) attention to detail, Kotobukiya remains a leader in the collectible figurine and model kit industry.

Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company is a Japanese toy and collectible company that produces high-quality figures, toys, and other merchandise. Founded in 2001, the company is known for its attention to detail, quality, and creativity.

Good Smile Company is best known for its Nendoroid and Figma lines of figurines. Nendoroids are small, cute figures with a distinctive chibi style that are highly customizable, with interchangeable parts that allow collectors to create different poses and expressions. The Figma line, on the other hand, consists of highly articulated and detailed figures that are designed for dynamic posing and display.

In addition to these lines, Good Smile Company produces a wide range of other collectibles, including scaled figures, plushies, keychains, and stationery. The company has licenses to produce products based on popular anime, manga, and video game franchises, including Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Fate/Grand Order, and My Hero Academia.

Good Smile Company is also known for its collaborations with other companies and artists, which has resulted in a variety of unique and creative products. For example, they have produced figures based on famous paintings, as well as collaborations with luxury fashion brands.

Overall, Good Smile Company has a reputation for producing high-quality, creative, and customizable collectibles that are beloved by fans around the world.


Bandai is a Japanese company that produces toys, games, and other entertainment products. The company was founded in 1950 and has since become one of the most recognizable names in the world of Japanese entertainment. Bandai’s products are wide-ranging and include action figures, model kits, video games, trading cards, and much more. Bandai is also well-known for its various franchises and licenses, including Gundam, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Kamen Rider, and Sailor Moon. These properties have been adapted into various forms of media, including TV shows, movies, and video games, and have a dedicated fanbase around the world.

Bandai has also developed and produced several toy lines, such as Tamagotchi, Digimon, and Power Rangers, that have become hugely popular with children and adults alike. With its extensive range of products and licenses, Bandai continues to be a major player in the entertainment industry and a beloved brand for fans of Japanese pop culture.

Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles is an American company that produces premium collectibles and figurines for pop culture enthusiasts and collectors. The company was founded in 1994 and has since become one of the most well-known names in the industry.

Sideshow Collectibles produces a wide range of products, including highly detailed figures, statues, and busts, as well as life-size replicas and prop replicas from popular movies, TV shows, comics, and video games. The company is particularly known for its high-end, museum-quality statues that are often made of polystone, a material that allows for intricate details and textures.

Sideshow Collectibles has a wide range of licenses for its products, including properties from Marvel Comics, Star Wars, DC Comics, and many more. The company’s focus is on producing premium collectibles that appeal to serious collectors, with a particular emphasis on high-end craftsmanship and attention to detail.

In addition to producing collectibles, Sideshow Collectibles has also established itself as a leader in the pop culture community, hosting events and conventions and collaborating with artists and creators from around the world. The company has won numerous awards for its products, including the Diamond Gem Award for Best Toy Manufacturer, and continues to be a highly respected brand among collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Funko is an American company that produces pop culture collectibles, including vinyl figures, bobbleheads, plushies, and other merchandise. The company was founded in 1998 and has since become a major player in the toy and collectible industry.

Funko’s most popular product line is its Pop! vinyl figures, which feature stylized, cute versions of characters from various pop culture franchises, such as movies, TV shows, comic books, and video games. The figures typically have oversized heads and eyes and are highly collectible, with numerous variants and exclusive editions available.

In addition to the Pop! line, Funko produces a wide range of other collectibles, including keychains, plushies, apparel, and homeware items. The company has licenses to produce products based on many popular franchises, including Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Disney, and Harry Potter.

Funko has also expanded beyond pop culture collectibles, with the launch of its own original properties and brand collaborations, such as the Wetmore Forest line of monsters and the Loungefly line of backpacks and accessories.

Overall, Funko is known for its wide range of affordable and highly collectible pop culture merchandise, with a focus on fun, stylized designs that appeal to fans of all ages.