Collectible figurines hobby

collectible figurines hobby

Your personality expressed by your figurine collection

Having collectible figurines are not only a fun hobby, it can also make use of your spare time, and in the end it can be rewarding in many ways. And what’s the pleasant surprise?

Most of the time, the kinds of collectible figurines that you have are also reflections of what kind of person you are.

Haven’t realized that, huh? Let’s begin your little soul-searching. Your collection can be your expression of faith.

A devoted or faithful person

You look around your home and you see in one side different sizes and kinds of guardian angel figurines or the cuddly looking cherub figurines.

In a small corner of your living room, you have a table with religious icons on it like the Christ or the Blessed Mother. If you are religious to a higher level, you have a small chapel or an altar in your home. Most Christians, especially the Catholics represent their religious icons with statues. The presence of religious figurines in their homes makes them feel safe and closer to God.

Animal friendly

Your collectible figurines could be a group of porcelain dogs, crystal cats, or glass pigs, and other animal figurines. Perhaps you are too busy to care for a real pet, so, you resorted to collecting animal figurines instead. Or even if you have pets, you can’t just get enough of them, so you put different sizes of them in your home or in your room inside a cabinet. Besides, miniature animal figurines look really cute and equally adorable. A more adventurous side of you would even like to create a mini zoo. An animal lover indeed!


You simply love the sight of elegant beauty in your home that is why you have a variety of spun glass figurines placed in a well-lit curio cabinet. No one, not even you, could really explain it but glass seems to be the symbol of sophistication. You enjoy displaying a tale of that glass fairy figurine beside a glass rose trapped in a glass cabinet. To add up, you also like the effect of crystal animal figurines as other characters to your created fairy tale.


Actually, some collectors don’t just collect because they are too bored with their lives or they are too organized to categorize their collections into different themes. If you belong to this “entrepreneur” group, you have collectible figurines because you think you could benefit from them in the near or far future, or it could be rewarding in some ways.

In short, you consider your collection an investment. In this case, you are very careful of your choice of figurines – they can be action figures or antique pieces, or collectors’ items that are rare and authentic. Because you would do anything to preserve the value of your collection, you would also take very good care of them, else no one would want to believe their worth.

You see now that your choice of collectible figurines depends entirely on your taste, interests, and even your purpose. That is why starting your collection is not just an impulsive action, it is also a decision. Because in the long run, if you have a growing number of collectible figurines which do not mean anything to you, they are merely bringing dust to your home.

So, before you start collecting figurines, do that little soul-searching of what you really want them to be – an expression of faith, your artistry, a source of income or whatever your reasons are. In that way, you will realize that your collectible figurines are really worth your time, care, and money.