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Collecting figurinesFigurine collecting basics, if you just started to collect figurines, you will find in this section useful articles and tips.

Action figure collectors guide, articles, infos and tips about the hobby of collecting popular, famous or rare action figures, sports action fgiures, wrestling, marvel, GI Joe, etc..

Famous collectible figurine makers, learn about the popular figurine makers, Lladro, Royal Doulton, Willow tree figurnie collecting.

Price & value of collectible figurines, how to maintain and increase your figurine collection value.

Anime figures collecting, learn what are the famous anime figures to collect, know where and how to buy authentic anime action figures.

Star wars figures collecting, guides and tips for collecting Star wars action figures, Luke Skywalker, Darth vader, Darth maul, Young Anakin Skywalker and more star wars characters.

Guardian angel figurines collecting, learn more about collecting angel figurines, what is the value of my angel figure collections, know more about small and black angel figurines.

Collectible animal figurines, animal figurine collecting guide, know more about African animal figurine.

Collectible glass figurines, guides and tips in collecting glass miniature and figure, romantic glass fairy and glass roses figurines, how to take care of your collection.

Crystal figurines collecting, learn more about the hobby of crystal figurine collecting, how to collect unique crystal figurines, wolf, unicorn, dolphin crystal angel miniature.

Spun glass figurines, what kind of spun glass figurines can I collect, how to maintain my collection.

Latest articles

Native American Indian figurines

Some of the world's figurine collectors often focus on figurines of certain races and cultures, like the native American Indian figurines that are found on some collectible sites.

The value of angel figurines

Collecting angel figurines is one of the most favorite hobbies of people from different places in the globe.

Collectible figures values

Determining the value of your antique and collectible figurine is more than just looking for it on the figurine price guide.

Collectible figurines directory main categories

Figurine collecting at 2-ClicksCollectible figurines by type, directory of websites classified by the different sorts of collectible figurines, cherub, guardian angels, animals, fantasy, American, romantic glass, garden, mother child, miniature etc..

Collectible figurines material, minaiture resources sorted by the materials that figurines are made of, spun glass, crystal, blown, frosted glass figurines, resin, pewter, bronze, ceramin, porcelain and wood figurines.

Collectible figurines makers, link to famous and reputable figurine companies and makers, Willow tree, Lladro, Murano, Hummel goebel figurines, Swarovski crystal, Armani, Royal Doulton, Fenton miniatures etc..

Collectible figurines prices, directory of figurine websites that can help you to estimate the price or the value of your figurine collection, figurine appraisal, price guides, auction sites.

Figurine collecting, list of webpages devoted to figurine collectors and their hobby: figurine collectors websites, association & clubs, figurine forum swappin and exchange.

Collectible figurines resources, figure and miniature links for figurine collectors directory of figurine magazines, books, famous figurine museums and directories.

About 2-Clicks Collectible Figurines

2 Clicks Collectible Figurines Directory offers figurine collectors and enthusiasts the complete list of collectible figurines websites that you may find in the net. We classified them according to categories that will simplify your search. Listed in our site are figurine guides, figurines products for sale, directory & free ads.

The main categories in the directory sorted according to collectible figurines by type, material, makers, prices, figurine collecting and resources. Inside these categories are the most popular and collected figurines among collectors such as black angel figurines, african american angel figurines, holiday gift angel figurines, crystal figurine swan, miniature animal figurines, african animal and other figurine collectibles.

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