Collectible figurines materials

Spun glass figurines, directory of of online figurine retailers selling spun glass miniature figurines. Crystal figurines, buy crystal miniatures from our lists of dealers under this figurine listing category.

Blown glass figurines, internet resources for buying blown glass miniatures collectibles for sale. Frosted glass figurines, website listing about collectible frosted glass miniatures links & resources.

Resin figurines, list of resources where you can purchase variety of figurines made of resin. Pewter figurines, you can find in this section a vast selection of pewter miniatures. Bronze figurines, listing of figurine online dealers sites selling collectible miniatures made of bronze.

Ceramic figurines, web pages about collectible miniature figurines made of ceramic materials. Porcelain figurines, if you are porcelain figurine collector check our list of pages selling porcelain made miniatures. Wood figurines, resourses for wood miniature collectibles for sale at affordable prices.

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