Disney figurines value

Learn how to determine the value of collectible Disney figures. Rare Disney figurines 2009 price estimates in the secondary market

Determine the value of collectible Disney figures

Disney figurines are just a small sampling of the colorful world of Disneyana – the collective term for Disney memorabilia.

Knowing the Disney figurines value will not only help your collection grow, you will also be knowledgeable of the fair deals when you want to make a profit in the secondary market for your Disney miniatures.

The extensive varieties of Disney collectible figurines are products of Walt Disney’s film empire and unmatched enterprising skills. The market for Disney figurines is constantly changing and expanding thanks to Walt Disney’s classic cartoon characters and annual film releases.

Disney figurines come in various designs, shapes, sizes, materials, and brands. Through the years, Disney figures continue to delight both young and young at heart figurine collectors.

Appraisal of Disney figurines

The undying appeal of the Disney figurines makes them good investment pieces. The value of Disney figurines, like any other collectibles, cannot be properly determined without the expertise of a good appraiser.

Getting your Disney figurine appraised is necessary when you plan to resell them in the future. The secondary market has a lot of figurine collectors that are always on the look out for mint condition and valuable Disney miniatures.

But there are certain aspects that can help you estimate the value of your Disney figurine collection even before you send them to an appraiser. The Warman’s Disney Collectibles Field Guide is a quick price guide and item reference for collectors on their Disney figurines value.

Factors that determine the Disney figurines value

As a Disney figurine collector, knowing how to estimate the Disney figurines value is a huge advantage.

Appeal or collectors demand for Disney figurines

One of the secrets for the unwavering popularity of the Disney miniature figures is their perpetual consumer demand. Newer pieces often go to accumulators or collectors who were smitten by the aesthetic and nostalgic appeal of the Disney figures. On the other hand, investors acquire older Disney figurines for profit.

Age and Condition of Disney figurines

Any collectible that is considerably old is likewise valuable when its condition is still good as new. The age of Disney figurines, they are often classified into:

Vintage Disney figurines under Disneyana

Disney Musical Figurines
Disney Musical Figurines

Some purist collectors argue that Disneya is exclusively for Disney-themed articles made before Walt Disney’s death in 1966. Vintage Disney figurines in mint condition are harder to find and they have higher prices than the later figurine issues.

The more valuable vintage Disney figurines are those made at the peak of Mickey Mouse’s popularity in the 1920s. One of the first Mickey Mouse figurines made by Charlotte Clark has a value of $17, 500 as of 2009 price list.

The book “Collecting Disneyana” by David Longest is a comprehensive collector guide to the values of vintage Disney figurines.

Contemporary Disney figurines

For beginning Disney figurine collectors, the Disneyana section may not be a wise choice to start with for your Disney figurine collection. There is a vast market for contemporary Disney memorabilia.

The mass production of modern Disney figurines was made possible through the technological innovations. Contemporary Disney figures are collected more often by kids than figurine investors.

But just like other collectible figurines, contemporary Disney figures will also be valuable after time when it is kept in mint condition.

Modern Disney-Pixar figurine values are compiled in the “The Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles” by Ted Hake.

Materials of the Disney figurines

The premium Disney figurines are made from porcelain, ceramic, glass, and pewter. The intrinsic quality of these figurines plays a big part of their price.

These collector figurines can fetch to as high as a hundred dollars in the secondary market.

The mass-produced Disney action figures are mainly made of a special kind of plastic called vinyl. Pre-1966 Disney figurines were often made from rubber.

Disney figurine makers

Another determining factor of the Disney figures value is the manufacturer. Almost every top brand of figurine makers has their own line of Disney merchandise. Here are the list of the top Disney figurine makers and their 2009 price estimates:

Walt Disney Classics Collection – the figurines made by WDCC are exclusively made by Disney Studio’s resident artists and animators. WDCC Disney figurines are produced in a definite time frame and after which, the figurine molds are retired (no longer used in production).

Prices of the retired Disney figurines go up as high as $100 to $1,750. Retired Disney figurines are considered rare.

Lenox Disney figurines – as the sole manufacturer of bone china in the United States, Lenox launched its whimsical Disney figurines collections valued around $30 to $350.

Precious Moments Disney collection – Precious moments incorporated their dainty teardrop-eyed characters in their line of Precious Moments Disney porcelain figurines valued at $40 to $199.

Swarovski Disney figurines – Swarovski has tied up with Disney to produce a stunning collection of silver crystal figurines. The Swarovski Disney collection is valued around $140 to $800.

Jim Shore Disney collection – the hand painted stone resin Walt Disney figurines by Jim Shore are priced around $35 to $150. Jim Shore Disney figures are widely popular all over the world because they were mass produced to cater to growing collectors of Disney figurines.

Armani Disney figurines – handmade in Italy, the porcelain Disney line by Giuseppe Armani is valued at $400 to $3,500.

Through out the years, the Armani Disney figures were prized by figurine collectors because of their elegance and classic designs.

Goebel Disney figurines – the rare Disney figurines form Goebel was made through the collaboration between Walt Disney and the Goebel family in Germany.

The Goebel Disney collectible figurines are around $150 to $5,495. The Disney Goebel figurine line came from the esteemed maker of the famous Hummel figurines.

Disney showcase by Royal Doulton – the hand painted ceramic Disney Royal Doulton figurines are priced from $45 to $120. The Royal Doulton Disney figures are made from high grade bone china.

The most popular line is the Royal Doulton Disney Princess figurines featuring the charming Disney ladies in their most dainty poses.

Rarity of Disney figurines

Retired Disney figurines are those whose production has been stopped permanently by their manufacturers. Because of the discontinuity, the retired Disney figurines are rare like in the case of the Disney Olszewski Story Time figurine series designed by renowned Goebel-Hummel figurines designer Robert Olszewski.

Olszewski landed with a contract with Walt Disney Studios to make a figurine line. Today, these retired and rare Disney figurines are only available in the secondary market.

On the other hand, the limited edition Disney figurines are those intentionally manufactured for a definite time period and in limited quantities.