Star wars action figures database and checklist

Star wars action figures database

An inclusive star wars toy collection checklist. Check the complete list of collectible star wars toys

Through star wars toys collecting, there would be no denying how star wars action figures made a major contribution in the success of the star wars film.

Following the history of star wars figurines, the toy companies then did not suppose that star wars figures would reach this far. The magnetism of both aspects has driven the very mention of star wars to great heights of fame and thus the recognition of it cannot be rusted in time.

The response of the star wars fans did inspired the toy companies to continually release new toy lines from time to time and by such updating the figures details to cope up with the market’s demand and the generation that it fell upon.

Star wars also launched collecting star wars clone wars which was based on the animated star wars series and movie.

Another is star wars mini figures collecting, a table top game where the miniatures are highly collected for varied levels of rarity.

It also included rare star wars toys collecting which concerns the collection of vintage star wars toys. These figures are highly regarded by serious star wars collectors.

Below is a comprehensive list of all star wars toy lines released from the oldest to the most recent ones from two of the major manufacturers of the star wars figures. For the star wars fans and collectors and even to plain readers who want to take a peek onto the fun world of star wars figures collecting.

Kenner star wars action figures line:

Kenner received the first license to produce star wars action figures way back in 1977. Their figures are based on prominent characters in the original star wars movie trilogy.

Kenner’s figures are made of plastic and were usually smaller than 4 inches by which they move at 5 points in their bodies. The action figures have individually unique differences and qualities with the others.

Nowadays, acquiring them would not be that easy, these figures are now vintage and rare.

Star wars 1977 Kenner – considered as rare and vintage star wars figures, the first wave of star wars action figures was released by Kenner in 1977.

Empire strikes back Kenner – released in May 21, 1980, empire strikes back figures are based on the second film of the star wars saga.

Return of the Jedi Kenner – ROTJ action figures was produced with its own logo and is bases from the only considered flawed star wars film.

Power of the Force 1985 Kenner – the line ran in 1985 featuring a variety of characters and vehicles based from the Star wars trilogy.

Star wars Droids Kenner – this star wars toy line is based from the animated tv series entitled Star Wars: Droids which ran from September 7, 1985 until June 7, 1986.

Ewoks Kenner – the action figures in this line is modeled after the cartoon characters as it is based from the animated tv series of the same name.

Star wars Collectors series Kenner – this star wars toy line is a collection of exclusive star wars figures that are fully pose-able and with realistic outfits and accessories.

Hasbro star wars action figures line:

Hasbro is a toy company that brought Kenner in 1991 and thus continued to produce star wars figures up to this date. The company has injected numerous concepts, details and features to the action figures thus keeping star wars on the loop.

The company coined the term “action figure”. Back then star wars toys are simply a child’s tenure but were later on accepted as a collector item.

Star wars Power of the Force 1995 Hasbro database & checklist – the line is a reintroduction of the power of the force way back in 1985 featuring a variety of characters from the star wars trilogy.

Star wars Phantom Menace Hasbro – episode 1 action figures line introduces a new level of sculptured star wars toys.

Power of the Jedi Hasbro – the line ran from 2000 – 2002; POTJ unified both old and new star wars figures in one assortment.

Star wars Saga Hasbro – created for star wars: attack of the clones, the action figures in this line is characterized by action posed sculpts.

Star wars Unleashed Hasbro – the line ran from 2002 till 2008 featuring star wars figures that are meticulously designed and artistically interpreted.

Clone Wars star wars Hasbro – released alongside star wars saga, clone wars action figures draws on the events of the Clone Wars.

Jedi Force Hasbro – debuted in the fall of 2004, the line was initially released by Playskool which targets the market of the young star wars fans.

Galactic Heroes Hasbro – initially sold in packs of two, galactic heroes action figures are funky and stylized versions of the star wars figures.

Star wars Original Trilogy Collection Hasbro – Hasbro introduced the line in 2004, the collection brings the finest recreations of the iconic star wars heroes and villains.

Revenge of the Sith Hasbro – this star wars line features highly innovative and diverse line of star wars toys which was release in 2005.

Star wars The Saga Collection Hasbro – drawn from the star wars saga (original trilogy) characters, these 3.75″ action figures are packed in black and silver style to reminisce the original vintage star wars toys.

Star wars Transformers Hasbro – from Hasbro’s Transformers brand, the line is an incredible collection of model changing figures, from the star wars heroes and villains that change into their signature vehicles.

Star wars 30th Anniversary Collection Hasbro – debuted in the spring of 2007, 30th anniversary collection action figures features characters from all 6 star wars films as well as the expanded universe figures.

Star wars The Saga Collection Hasbro – the line features a “Build a Driod System” wherein the figures feature a piece of the droid to collect and create a unique astromech or protocol droid.

The Clone Wars star wars Hasbro – drawn from the movie and tv series of the same name. TCW are recreations of their animated counterpart which appeals to the young star wars fans.

Star wars Mighty Muggs Hasbro – at 6″ tall, these star wars figures are characterized in stylized and almost animated versions.

The distinction from each star wars line to another feeds collectors wanton to continually seek and acquire additions to their pile. Different variations have been made to cope up with time and demands that can entertain both old and young fans and collectors.

Star wars miniatures are as popular as its regular sized star wars figures. A number of sets were also released under it.

A checklist for star wars minis will be the just the right guide to know all these collectible mini figures.

It is indeed a great achievement for star wars to stay on the forefront of the act while the rest struggles to even fit in the competitive action figure market. Star wars however has a rather smooth entry and an even better dwelling in the industry.