Maintaining your spun glass figurines collections

Maintaining your spun glass figurines collections

Maintaining the beauty of your glass figurine collections

Spun glass figurines are made from molten glass and spun artistically into different shapes or figures. They can be formed into sea creatures like dolphins or whales.

Often times they can be some birds or swans seemingly dancing gracefully on the pond surface. Mostly spun glass figurines can become expressions of love – twin hearts, angels, or a rose among others.

No doubt, they look exquisite as decorations to your homes, much more if you have a whole collection of them. They sparkle when the rays of the sun reflect on them, and they look pure as water.

But hey, collecting spun glass figurine could be quite challenging too. It is hard to resist the beauty and elegance of spun glass figurines. So don’t be surprised if your visitors want to hold them and examine the details of their beauty.

However, glass is very fragile and the fragility means that you have to be very keen in caring for your collectible glass figurines. For if you won’t be careful enough, they might break and that would certainly break you into tears. Here are a few ways to prevent such heart breaking story from happening to you.

Be safe. First of all, you have to make sure that your figurines are safely displayed. That means different things. You may choose not to put them on open shelves where they can easily fall. Better yet, you may just place them in a glass or curio cabinet so that only you can move and touch them.

In there too, your spun glass figurines are more protected from dust and from other hands. Your display cabinet must be sturdy so that it won’t easily move when you bump to it. It must be placed on a flat surface.

Be safe, still. A smart move is to keep your figurines away from the reach of children. Like the grown ups, they could get attracted to your figurines and they could not help but hold them and play with them. Remember that kids are naturally carefree.

They would not really care much if they would break your little glass treasures. Besides, broken glass could be dangerous especially the very small broken pieces that are often hardly visible. So, an ounce of safety measures would not really cost you.

Keep them clean. Another very important thing is to keep your spun glass figurines clean and cleaning must be done very often. Particles of dust on glass are very visible and you don’t want that to ruin your beautiful display. Keep in mind too, that in dusting your figurines, do it nice and slow.

Keep them clean, still. Sometimes, merely dusting your figurines will not be enough. You may also wash them with water and detergent, but hold them tight because they will easily slip. Wipe them with soft and smooth cloth. Rough cloth might scratch the figurine and like a scar, the scratch will be there forever more or less.

These are just few of the things you have to do to keep your collection safe from breaking or from getting unattractive. They could not look as easy, but not really. Exquisite beauty like that of your collection deserves just a little love and care from you. After all, these pieces give more life and art to your home and that is PRICELESS. It is kind of a give and take relationship. Now that’s getting dramatic all for a spun glass figurine.

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