Dog figurines collecting

Dog figurines collecting

How to start and improve your dog figurine collection

As they say, dogs are man’s best friends because they perform many roles for people, such as hunting, herding, protection, companionship, and more recently, assisting handicapped individuals.

And some like to collect dogs from different breeds. Well here’s an idea to those people who wants to have dogs in a fun and simple way.

Dog figurines collecting

Dog figurine collecting is one of the past time hobbies decades ago. Collectible dog figurines are cherished as keepsakes from generations until the present day. There are figurines made from glass, ceramic, crystal, porcelain, and plastic.

The best part of dog figurines collecting is that there are hundreds of different dog breeds; so your dog figurines collection can be extensive or as specific as you want.

Dog figurines can also be used as a gift. If you shop around, there are many shops that sell dog figurines. Some dog figurines are added with accessories like hats or costumes. Some collectible dog figures are added with fur to look realistic and lifelike.

In collecting dog figurines, make sure that the figurines you are collecting are in good condition. A great way to keep your figurines safe is to set aside a shelf or a curio cabinet exclusive for your dog figurines. It is out of reach from children and is safe too. It is so heartbreaking hearing your collectible dog figurines get dropped.

Types of dog figurines

Some of the most popular dog figurines are Sandicast dog figurines offered by artist Sandra Brue. These are not ceramic dog figurines but are hand-cast and hand-painted life like dog figurines.

There are different breeds available like Dachshunds, Labradors, Poodles, Dalmatians, Rottweilers, and Pugs. These figurines are large and running from 11″ tall up to 33″ tall. Sandicast dog figurines vary in amount between $100 and $400.

Another type of dog figurines is the Dog angel figurines. These angelic dog figurines enchant you with their heavenly charm. Dog angel figures is made from stone resin, ceramic, glass, crystal, porcelain, etc. with snowy wings and golden halo. They are hand-painted that shows off lifelike appearance. Whether your dog is a perfect angel, these collectible dog figurines are perfect additional memorabilia for your collections.

The Lost dog figurines by Xystos is one of the sought after figures from collectors. The lost dog figurines shows different face emotions like crying, worried, confused, etc. The lost dog figurines vary its prices from $15 to $50.

Crystal dog and Hot diggity dog figurines

Crystal dog figurines are ready made or custom made by craftsman. You can have your own design for your crystal dog figurines by providing an image to the crafts man.

These crystal dog figurines vary from 3 inches up to nine inches tall. The base of crystal dog figurines is made from crystal, marble, and wood. Crystal dog figures vary its prices from $50 up to $700.

Hot diggity dog figurines depict different designs of dachshund dogs. There are hundreds of themes of hot diggity dog figurines.

Most of hot diggity dog figurines wear a costume. They depict genie, a cheerleader, a fisherman, a nurse, a police, etc. The price of hot diggity dog figurines varies from $15 to $150.

Staffordshire spaniels figurines

Vintage Staffordshire dog figurines come from many pottery companies located in the County of Staffordshire, England. Staffordshire dog figurines were produced from 1720. The production of collectible Staffordshire dog figures ended at 19th century.

Staffordshire spaniels figures are the most common and come in many sizes, shapes, and color schemes. Today (2009), a pair of late 19th century Staffordshire dog figurines cost as low as $350.

However, rarer ones, like Dalmatians, even when damaged or with known restorations, can sell for several thousand dollars.

In the late 1940’s, Hagen-Renaker became known because of his miniature ceramic dog figurines. Sometimes, these miniature ceramic dog figurines come in sets that include up to five different breeds.

He made different dog figures with different positions like lying, sitting, standing, and even crawling. He also depicted different breeds of dogs for his dog miniatures. The price of Hagen-Renaker dog miniatures varies from $4 to $10.

Other dog figurines collectibles show off fun characteristics of many dog breeds by exaggerating the features like large nose, ears, and feet. These dog figurines are customized with name tags which can be engraved with their pet name.

Where can I find collectible dog figurines?

In collecting dog figurines you can find them in flea markets, street fairs, figurine shop, and auctions sites. There are also online sites that sell dog figurines in various type, breed, material, artist, etc. You can also find them in catalogs, magazines, and newspapers.

Dog figures manufacturers

Here are the following lists of manufactures of dog figurines: SylvaC, Royal Doulton figurines, Beswick, Lalique, Swarovski, Lladro figurines, Norleans, Italy, Boyd Crystal Art Glass, Japan, Brazil,

Also you can find dog miniature at these companies: Disney figurines, G. Nov. Co., Imperial Glass Co., Gillender Glass, Mosser Glass Co., Lefton, Roselane, etc.

Dog figures should be cleaned once a week. Do not use any cleaner unless the seller recommends it. Commercial cleaners might tarnish the figurines coats.