Crystal unicorn figurines

A closer look at your crystal unicorn miniatures collections

Along with figurines of mermaids and fairies, crystal unicorn figurines are considered to be some of the most popular fantasy creatures to be crafted and collected by people worldwide.

Crystal unicorn figurines are often part of some of the best glass collectible catalogs around and this may be due to the graceful nature of these mythical creatures as well as the association of luck and prosperity with the animal.

Unicorns were said to have actually existed in the past and were hunted down to extinction, which is why there are no more of these elegant creatures to be seen today.

Rearing Crystal Unicorn figurineWhether or not unicorns are indeed real, numerous crystal unicorn figurines are being crafted and sold everyday. Avid collectors love the horse-like creature with a single horn in the middle of its forehead and there are a lot of different designs and interpretations to choose from.

All descriptions of unicorns say that the creature is very much like a small horse, is all white and has a single, long, straight horn in the middle of its forehead.

Crystal unicorn figurines show us this form, although the white color is absent from these pieces since they are often made of crystal clear glass.

If you are planning on starting a collection of glass sculptures and statuettes, you may find that collecting crystal unicorn figurines can be fun and challenging. There are a few different crystal unicorn figurines you can start off with.

collectible crystal unicorn figurinesFigurines are amazing gift and collectors items. Sometimes referred to as dolls or small statues, they can make amazing home decorative or collectibles display pieces for any home or office, school etc.

There are figurines that feature only the head of the animal in either pure clear glass or combined with other materials like a gold plated horn or silver embellished items.

There are also crystal unicorn figurines that feature the entire animal in a graceful pose on a glass base or a self-standing figurine that stands on its four legs.

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