Glass fairy figurines collecting

Glass fairy figurines collecting

Introduction to joy of collecting glass fairy miniatures

Fairies are some of the most dainty and most lovely mythical creatures around, which is why it is no wonder that a glass fairy figurine on any figurine selling site is one of the most popular items that people buy.

A glass fairy figurine depicts the fairy tale creature that people believe can grant wishes, make you fly and other such magical things. These creatures are popular to kids of all ages.

While some people may confuse pixies with fairies and vice versa, any figurine that shows a little lady with either butterfly or dragonfly wings are easily called a glass fairy figurine.

Most figurines of fairies, however, are not made of glass but are usually made of other materials like porcelain, polyresin, plastic and even pewter. Finding a lovely glass fairy figurine for your glass figurine collection may require a bit of searching before you can find the right kind of fairy figure to purchase.

These may be a bit rare compared to other fairies figurines made out of other materials but they are there and finding them can be a joy since the kind of glass fairy figurine you will find will often be one that is delicate and expertly crafted.

Two of these figurines show a fairy with butterfly wings, as most fairies are often depicted. One glass fairy figurine is shown with a butterfly by her feet and can be custom made to suit what you want.

You can have this glass fairy figurine made with an edging of gold or silver or have it detailed with any of these two precious metals.

You can also fin a glass fairy miniatures that has wings that is intricately made of spun glass and stands on a solid glass base. These figurines can cost you anywhere between $60 to $1600, depending on the workmanship and quality of the glass sculpture you are interested in purchasing.