Glass rose figurines

Glass rose figurines

Maintaining your glass rose figurines

When you have a collection of glass rose figurines, knowing how to maintain their beauty may be a matter of displaying them the right way and cleaning them every now and then.

Since glass rose figurines are very fragile and delicate due to the thinness of the glass petals and the other parts of the figurine, extra care is needed when displaying and cleaning these items.

Proper display

When you display your glass rose figurines, make sure that they are placed in an area that gives it the benefit of a light source. Having your glass rose figurines placed in the path of sunlight or in a curio cabinet that has its own light source will add to the beauty of the piece.

Since these glass rose figurines are finely made and may capture the attention and curiosity of the people who see them, it would be wise for you to also carefully display them in a locked display case.

Unless you are absolutely certain that you won;t have any visitors who will handle your glass rose figurines, do not place them in open display cases or shelves where they can be easily accessed.

Proper cleaning

Cleaning these glass rose figurines should also be done with utmost care. You can clean these dainty items with the use of a soft brush to take away any dust particles that may take away some of the sparkle and elegance of your collection.

If you find that your fine glass figurines need more than a light dusting, handle them gently and wash them in mild soap and water in a basin that has a towel in it for cushioning purposes.

Always use a mild dish washing liquid in warm water for this and just let the item sit in this solution for a few minutes. Rinse off the soapy solution and let your figurine air dry.