Pewter dragon figurines collecting

Pewter Dragon figurines

The beauty of the dragon in shining pewter

Behold for the dragons are here! Aren’t you so lucky to hold captive these ferocious beasts when knights and super heroes find it hard to capture even just one dragon in their battles?

Alright, enough about the outrageous story, but now you see how fun being a collector of pewter dragon figurines is. It prevents your creativity from being idle and useless.

Pewter is an alloy with approximately 90% tin with mixtures of bismuth or copper. Unlike other figurines, pewter figurines are well known for their durability and affordability in the world of the collectible figurines aficionados. You would not have to get broke just to make your collection grow.

Different from porcelain, glass, or crystal, pewter is not as fragile. Broken pieces of glass highly risky for children would not have to bother you if you are a collector of pewter figurines.

Pewter dragon figurines are most common over other pewter figurines. Perhaps because dragons are mysterious and they are one of the oldest mythical beasts told that is why collectors find it interesting and enjoyable to collect different kinds and sizes of pewter dragon miniatures.

True, every position and appearance of a dragon has a story to tell. More so, dragons look strong and they possess great power.

These kinds of figurines are also for the collectors who want their display to have this vintage or medieval look. Notice that pewter dragon figurines give that kind of effect so much different or in contrast with crystal figurines, or spun glass figurines that spell sophistication.

Pewter figurines express a royal beauty and strong character. Some dragon figurines made of pewter are accentuated with crystal eyes or with other gem stones. That shall also depend on the designer’s creative hands and your good taste when it is your time to choose and buy your pewter pieces.

Pewter is an alloy so it is softer than other metals. Pewter figurines may easily bend, so though they do not break just that, make sure that they are placed on a shelf where they don’t fall.

The modern pewter does not anymore contain lead unlike the pewter then, so they do not rust or get tarnished. However, it does not make them not susceptible to dust and other forms of deterioration. You have to clean your pewter dragon figurines by wiping them with soft cloth. You should never use a strong cleaner and an abrasive spray or cleanser on your figurines because they will damage your pieces leaving your collection a wreck.

The scales and the wings of the dragons may acquire lots of dust and it would be difficult to clean them perfectly not like figurines with smoother surfaces. In such a case, you may only use a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap in cleaning your pewter figurines but it is discouraged to do this often. If you find it needed, cleaners intended for pewter may be used and not just any other metal polish. Pewter may not be as fragile as glass but it is sensitive to some chemical reactions so take good care of them.

Pewter dragon figurines are common, but there are also other kinds of pewter figurines. There are the pewter animal figurines and pewter airplane figurines to mention a few. But then again, dragons are simply more interesting icons.

So, if you are in for an adventurous look on your shelves or curio cabinet, go for the pewter dragon figurines and send the message of power and strength. Sure, no hero in the middle ages have held captive as many dragons as you have once you become the dragon collector!