Precious moments figurines collecting

Precious moments figurines collecting

Collecting and knowing the value of Precious Moments figures

Collecting Precious Moments figurines is a fun and rewarding hobby for many. Some people have been acquiring and cherishing figurines since childhood. Precious moments figurines are one of the most easily recognized and most loved types of figurines in the world.

Precious Moments history

More than thirty years ago, artist Sam Butcher, drew an endearing teardrop-eyed children. He named his creations Precious Moments. Those drawings are intended for his family and friends as encouragement and comfort. He simply called them Precious Moments because they spread endearing messages of love, care, and sharing.

Sam is a man with deep personal faith and conviction. Sam Butcher was encouraged by his mother to pursue a formal art training after his high school graduation. His dedication earned him a scholarship to the College of Arts & Crafts in Berkeley.

In early 1970’s, Sam and Biel – a friend, started a small company that produces cards and posters. After a successful introduction of their products Enesco Corporation approached Sam. He was asked to develop a three-dimensional figurine based on his artwork titled “Love One Another”. It was then the beginning of Sam and the figurine industry.

By the end of 1978, the first twenty-one original Precious Moments figurines were introduced to the market. In less than a year after their introduction, the demand of Precious Moments figurines was overwhelming.

Each year, Precious Moments introduces a new design for the collectors. Members of Precious Moments collector’s clubs were so amazed of the different designs.

Where will I find Precious Moments Figurines?

There are hundreds of different styles of Precious Moments figurines, but they all share the same rounded face, teardrop eyes, and soft pastel color that make them stand out among all other figurines.

Some of the most popular Precious moments figurines are the Birthday series. Each month Precious Moments features different figurines incorporated with month’s birthstone or flower to make them extra special gift for anyone.

Sam Butcher also made Precious Moments figures that feature Jesus’ nativity, Precious Moments wedding figurines, Precious Moments Disney figurines etc.

There are online websites that sell PM figurines. You can search Precious Moments figure by product type, occasion, price, keyword, of series. And you can also search by typing brief description or stock number of the Precious Moment collectible that you desire. (E.g. nun, graduation, birthday, blonde bride)

There are lots of figurine shops that sell Precious Moments Figurine collectibles. You can buy Precious Moments figurines in some authorize figurine dealers. But before purchasing Precious Moments figures make sure that it is not a fake one.

What is a Chapel Exclusive figurine?

Each year new precious Moments figurines are produced. Some are limited in distribution for special occasions or to members of collectors club. The Chapel Exclusive figurines are a special group of figurines.

These figurines are only available at Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri. Because of their limited distribution, Chapel Exclusives are the most sought after Precious Moments figurines collectible.

What is a limited edition figurine?

Each year there are new Precious Moments figurines that were produced. And these are limited in distribution. Once the figurines are sold, the mold is retired and indefinitely withdrawn from production. Because of their limited in distribution, these limited editions of Precious Moments are sought after by figurine collectors for their value.

How to determine the production year of the Precious Moment figurines

Each Precious Moment figurine has its name at the bottom of the figurines. But there are few exceptions: when it is very petite and part of a set or it is a very early dated figurine.

The production number is listed on the bottom of most Precious Moments figurine. This is a three to seven digit number. Three and four digit numbers have a letter prefix to distinguish what club they are from. The first Precious Moments figurines that where produced in the market have 4-digit number with an “E” prefix.

Each PM figurine has different production number. The production symbol or mark is used to identify when a Precious Moments figure was actually produced.

• Triangle – Late 1981
• Hourglass – 1982
• Fish – 1983
• Cross – 1984
• Dove – 1985
• Olive Branch – 1986
• Cedar Tree – 1987
• Flower – 1988
• Bow & Arrow – 1989
• Flame – 1990
• Vessel – 1991
• G-Clef – 1992
• Butterfly – 1993
• Trumpet – 1994
• Ship – 1995
• Heart – 1996
• Sword – 1997
• Eyeglasses – 1998
• Star – 1999
• Egg – 2000
• Sandal – 2001
• Cross in Heart – 2002
• Crown – 2003
• Three-Petal Flower – 2004
• Bread – 2005
• House – 2006

Unmarked pieces may have been produced in error. Precious Moments figurines values were higher if the figurines were produced before 1981, unless the figurine was made exclusively for the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO. All of the first year’s production at the Chapel was left unmarked.

Value of Precious Moments figurines

There are several things that you should consider when determining the value of a Precious Moments figurines. Name, product type, production number, production symbol, and status are all important things to know when buying Precious Moments figures.

As of 2009, the following are list of few popular but rare Precious Moments collectible figurines:

Precious Moments Value Book
1978 God Loveth a Cheerful Giver
Estimated Value: $535.00

This Precious Moment Figurines has come off the secondary market today (2009). It is a beautiful piece that shows the unique original style of the Precious Moments figures. Because it is an old PM figurines, the color scheme and design is different from modern Precious Moments figurines collectibles. Its difference made it rare and a must own Precious Moments figurine among collectors.

We Would See Jesus
Estimated Value: $410.00

This limited edition Precious Moments figurine is designed to be a large one making it rare and valuable enough. The value of this PM figurine collectible would go up by $460 if the original card describing how Mr. Butcher designed the figurine is included.

Making Music Together for 30 Years
Estimated Value: $362

During the 30th anniversary of Precious Moments figurines, a limited edition od Precious figures was released.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66
Estimated Value: $299.00

One of the Precious Moments figurines collectibles is the Get Your Kicks on Route 66 design. Only 1000 Precious Moments figurines collectibles made from this design.

Come Let Us Adore Him
Estimated Value: $250

This nativity set is a hand-crafted by Sam Butcher. This was released in 1979 and stands as one of the greatest nativities in the figurine world to date and stands as one of the greatest nativities in the figurine world to date.

Birthday Train (Complete Set)
Estimated Value: $250

This Precious Moments figurine set consists of 17 pieces. Each figurine has an original box. If you own this Precious Moments figurines collectibles expect that this set would go up in value up to $50 every year.

Lighted Inn
Estimated Value: $245

Lighted Inn Precious Moments figurines complete the nativity set of Precious Moments collectibles. This Pm piece is a rare and valuable because it is one of the listed figurines Sam Butcher made.

Celebrating the Gift of Life Now and Forever
Estimated Value: $190

There were only 5030 pieces of this Precious Moments figurines produced. It was part of Precious Moments figurines collectibles 30th anniversary. This is one of the rare Precious Moment’s figurines that cost in a low price. This is a great piece for a beginner collector to start with.

Thanksgiving Family
Estimated Value: $200

This set is considered complete if all 6 pieces are included and intact. The box is an added bonus, raising the value by around $10.

Sharing of Ourselves Brings a Wealth of Joy
Estimated Value: $190

This is one of the lovely and rare examples of Precious Moments figures. The estimated value of this Precious Moments figure changes over time.

How many figurine designs are made each year?
There are 25 to 40 new designs of Precious Moments figurines are produced each year. 12 to 20 of the existing figurines are retired or suspended from production.

Care and cleaning Precious Moments figurines

Caring of Precious Moments figurines is easy, since they are all made of durable and easy to clean porcelain. They can be placed on a shelf or in a cabinet. And you must remember to dust the PM figurines to keep them looking presentable.

In cleaning collectible Precious Moments figures, a mild soap is used to create foamy water, and then gently wipe each Precious Moments figures with a damp soft cloth. The figurines must NEVER be submerged in water. Wipe off excess water with a dry cloth. Before putting them back in their place, the figurines must be placed on a towel to air dry the collectible Precious Moments figurines.

There are times that recklessness really happens. If you broke your Precious Moments figurines you can still repair it. But the fact that when you figurine collection is chipped or nicked it diminishes its value. There are two kinds of adhesives that assist in repairing a broken figurine such as Ducco Cement and Adhesive Clear.

Is there any Precious Moments collectors club that I can join in?

Yes, Enesco Corporation made an official collectors club that gives collectors opportunity to purchase specially created Precious Moments figurines collectibles throughout the year, as well as high quality cases and figurine stands. Some people are making an independent Precious Moments collectors club in each State.

It is also a way to make friends with other people and mingle while collecting Precious Moments figures, especially the retired Precious Moments figurines.