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Giuseppe Armani Figurine: Old man and a bird

Start your Giuseppe Armani figurines collection

Collectors of figurines can locate extraordinary images at a variety of different places and also in a variety of designs.

Some collectors specializes their collection on a particular design, while others focuses their collection on a particular sculptor. Here you are going to learn all about the most renowned figurine maker.

Armani figures are very popular in the world of collectibles. The figurines are easily identifiable and feature unique and striking portraits. Armani figurines consist of beautifully crafted life forms and elements of nature. They also have few provocative Armani statues figurines.

In 1973, Florence Studio was established. The studio started its activity as an artisan group. The artist and sculptors work together with great precision and talent.

It was in 1980 when the first collection of Giuseppe Armani was introduced. The collection series was named Gulliver’s World.

The popular Florence sculpture line currently features more than twenty collections, including Classic & Mythology, The Seasons, and Decorative Arts.

One of the unique components of the collection is the lamps. The figurines act as lamp base providing a practical yet stunning work of art. There is a set of Armani figurines that are specially made for new Armani figurine collectors. The collection set is named The Year.

The Armani Professions figurine collections are especially made for the gift-givers. The Armani professional collection consists of figurines depicting a doctor, a nurse, and a graduate. The collection also contains animals and birds, perfect for nature lovers. Other collections are dedicated to events, relationships, and even clowns.

The Home Accents Armani sculptures features provocative poses, as well as women dressed as showgirls. This set of Armani collection has received hostile criticism but several people also show interest in them as exotic collection.

What are the finishes of g. Armani figurines?

• “B” Finish – is a decorative technique that craftsmen give few touches of “patina” to produce a more detailed sculpture. Painters at the Florence Studio developed B finish to replicate the natural patina of marble.

• “C” Finish – a brilliantly luminous, full-color finish requiring kinds of painterly skills and sensitivity that are needed to achieve artistic levels which enhance an Armani sculpture.

• “E” Finish – original patterns and striking mosaic effects make this E finish unique. The coloration of E finish gives the sculpture charming beauty.

• “F” Finish – uses one color (e.g. white or any of the other restrained tonalities). The flesh tones of the figurine’s exposed skin are dominant.

• “M” Finish – is a metallic (bronze) finish covering used for Giuseppe Armani/ Florence Sculture d’Arte’s sculptures. This elegantly classic bronze finish accentuates and highlights each of these dazzling sculptures.

• “P” Finish – is characterized by the use of delicate, pure-pastel hues. Harsh or dramatic color-contrast does not happen here. Instead, colors blend and meld creating a soft and calming effect.

• “S” Finish – is the designation used for the African-American figurines. The “S” finish also denotes the “Wildlife” series. S finish Armani sculptures have natural color variation.

• “T” Finish – a “Terra-Cotta” (which in Latin means “fired earth”) base color for an “earthy” look is used to color Armani statue figurines. It is believed that only in the medium of terra-cotta one can actually sense the hands of the artist molding his sculpture. This particularly prized material has inspired the “T” finish of Giuseppe Armani and the Florence Sculture d’Arte.

How can I tell the age and authenticity of my Armani figurines?

When trying to confirm an authentic Armani figurine compare the name on the box and the sculpture. Authentic works of art provide a description on the box while the figurine itself displays its true name.

When the name on the box does not match with the name of the figurine, you probably have the correct box. The name on the box is a description of the figurine (i.e. Maternity) and the name in the catalog is the name of the figurine (i.e. Abiding Love).

Aside from the trademark, some Armani figures are personally signed by Giuseppe Armani. These are the Giuseppe Armani signatures: A: G.A., g. Armani, Giuseppe Armani.

Value of Giuseppe Armani figurines

The best way to determine the monetary value of your Armani is to send your figurine to a certified appraiser. The trademark of your Armani figurine indicates what year your collectible G. Armani figurine was made. If an Armani figurine develops any scratches or chips; it should be taken to a professional restorer.

The condition of Armani figures is also important. Nicked, cracked, and discoloration of your Armani figure can devalue your Armani sculpture.

Proper care and cleaning is the best way to maintain your Giuseppe Armani figurines. Aside from that you are also restoring the value of your collectible Armani figures. Maintaining the beauty of your collectible figurines increases the price and value of collectible figurines.

Are there Armani Disney figurines?

Yes, Giuseppe Armani also made figurines depicting Disney cartoon characters. Armani Disney figurines are also one of the most sought after Disney figurines among collectors. Disney figurines by Armani are beautifully crafted and look exactly as princesses and prince in Disney cartoon movies.

Armani Disney figurines are carefully painted by hand in a unique and striking appearance. The price of Armani Disney figurines ranges from $250 up to $3,000. Armani Disney sculpture that is hand signed personally by Giuseppe Armani cost more than the original figure. The price ranges from $1,000 to $5,000.

Rare Armani figurines

Like any other collectible figurines, Armani figures have rare figurines. Retired figurines are those that are made in a limited production. When the desired production number of Armani statue figurines is acquired the mold is retired or destroyed.

Each category of Armani figure designs has a retired figurine produced. These rare Armani figurines are sought after among collectors. The price of rare Giuseppe Armani figurines usually cost high compared to the open edition Armani figurines. As of 2009, the price of Armani figurines ranges from $60 to $5,000.

Care and cleaning of my Armani figurines

To care for Giuseppe Armani figurines, keep them out of direct sunlight. You should keep your figurines in their boxes when not on display. You should also store them in a dry area.

To clean Armani figurines, used soft, clean, and dry brush. You can also use a slightly moist cloth and gently wipe dry. For close areas of the figurine, uses make-up brush or small new paint brush to brush away dust. On smudges, an eraser will do in cleaning the Armani figurines.

Is there an Armani collectors club that I can join?

Yes, there is a special club dedicated to Armani figurines enthusiast. It was in 1991 when The Giuseppe Armani Society or “The Society” was established.

You can enroll in The Society free of charge by purchasing an item from the Armani collection. The membership of Armani collectors club is good for two years.

The membership provides advantages such as access to exclusive Armani figurines and the opportunity to tour the manufacturing Florence Studio.