About small angel figurines

Miniature angel figurines made in Italy
Miniature angel figurines made in Italy

Learn the different types of angel miniatures

There are collectors who love collecting large angel figurines and there are also people who enjoy gathering together small angel figurines.

Small angel figurines are some of the easiest figurines to find and these come in a plethora of colors, materials, designs and sizes.

There are small angel figurines that measure six inches and there are those that measure a minuscule 1 inch and a half.

These small angel figurines can be made out of glass or crystal, porcelain, pewter or polyresin and can come in sets or as individual pieces.

Small angel figurines often feature baby angels, cherubs or guardian angel figurines, although there are some that are crafted to depict full sized angels.

A lot of these collectible figurines that you can find online are often sold as Christmas angels and can be used as ornaments on Christmas trees.

These Christmas angels come with either a metal loop or a gilded thread to be used for hanging. While these may be indeed used as decorations for your tree during the holiday season, a lot of collectors of small angel figurines opt to display these pieces in a curio case to keep them from getting chipped, broken or damaged.

When you start collecting small angel figurines, you will find that a lot of these items are rather whimsical and cute. Angel figurines come in all sizes and price ranges. The cheapest figurines of fairies and angels are those made of resin, but they still look really elegant.

You can even a few vintage pieces that can be good additions to your collection. Some of these you find on auction sites and on online stores are from countries like China, Japan and the United States.

There are also angel figurines that feature animal angels like bears and cats and there are also angel figurine sets and lines that feature different dog breeds with angel wings and halos on them.

All these can be part of your small angel figurine collections and you can find these items on a lot of figurine websites on the internet. Many small angel figurines are in limited editions, making them a rare aesthetic commodity and elevating them to the level of collectible art.