Black angel figurines

Black angel figurines

What to choose in collecting black angel figurine miniatures?

Some people may think that black angel figurines are pretty rare but, in reality, there are actually quite a lot of these items for people to collect.

Just like the typical white cherub figurines and white angel figurines you can find in the market, you can find a huge number of black angel figurines to start or add to your collection.

The available black angel figurines that you can purchase for your collection include small child angels in prayer, full sized black angel figurines in flight and even stylized angel figurines that are made of resin and colored in black.

The sizes of these black angel figurines also vary, with very small pieces that can be used as Christmas tree ornaments to large pieces that can also be used as table centerpieces or will look good perched on a mantle or sideboard.

These black angel figurines are available from a lot of figurine manufacturers and choosing may prove to be difficult for avid collectors since there are a lot of wonderful designs to choose from.

Special black angel figurines may cost you more, as they can be custom made according to your desire. The modern porcelain made ebony angels come in various forms and shapes, so be sure to specify the features that you wish your angel figurine to have.

There are figurines that feature an angel on a bench with doves, there are angel figurines that feature an angle carrying a baby and even a seated black baby angel wearing a large white t-shirt. They may be used as decorative pieces in homes, offices, or religious spaces, and are often given as gifts for occasions such as graduations, weddings, or funerals. In some cultures, black angels are believed to represent protection or guidance from spiritual beings.

Black angel figurines value

These black angel figurines often sell for prices that range from $5 to $100 and even more, the value of angel figurines depend on how intricately made the item is. Also called ebony angels and African-American angels, these lovely figurines sometimes come with lovely titles and names like the Angel of Valor or the Angel of Passion.

You can start your own collection of these black angel figurines with a couple of these titled angels and slowly add to your pieces over time. Pretty soon, you will have a whole army of angel figurines that depict and represent the ebony skinned race.