Crystal angel figurines

Finding the best crystal angel miniatures

Crystal angel figurines that people collect can sometimes feature very detailed and intricate angel images that are made of spun glass or simple angel figures that are made of blown glass.

Finding the best and the most attractive crystal angel figurines is all a matter of having the idea of the kind of figurines you want and having the money to buy what you want.

A lot of crystal angel figurines may be expensive, depending on the quality and the craftsmanship of the item. If you are a collector who is serious about investing in quality crystal angel figurines, you might find yourself shelling out thousands of dollars for a single angel figurine that is just one of a limited number of such items.

crystal angel figurinesThese crystal angel figurines that usually cost an arm and a leg are those figurines that are carefully manufactured and handcrafted to near perfection by the artisans who make them.

While you can find cheaper crystal angel figurines on certain auction sites, the most popular ones are usually those that carry certain quality brand names like Lalique and Waterford. The simplest of these brands usually command an asking price of at least $100.

Aside from the more expensive all crystal angel figurines, you can also buy angel figurines that have crystal wings attached to porcelain bodies. These angel figurines are usually very colorful and their wings may be made of clear crystal or of colored spun glass.

angel of hope crystal figurineYou can also find miniature crystal angel figurines in crystal clear glass, smoked glass or hand blown glass and these can also be very fine additions to any angel glass figurine collection.

Examples of such angel figurines are Angel Malizioso figurine from Lalique, the Swarovski crystal angel and the Waterford cherub angel. These miniatures often come in a small padded box for safety and can be displayed with or without this satin lined box. For a twist to your angel figurine collection, you can also find African American angel figurines with crystal wings on some figurine sites.

The contrast of these African American angel figurines with your crystal figurines will give your collection a lovely appearance.

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