Collecting Star Wars miniatures

Collecting Star Wars miniatures

Join in the fun of playing star wars miniatures. Collect and stage your very own star wars battles with these collectible mini figures

Star wars has managed to retain the demand for collecting star wars action figures even after decades and tons of competition. If you’re wondering about what is the history of star wars toys and why it stays on the forefront of action figures collecting, I bet the answer is consistency.
The birth of vintage star wars action figures collecting came right after Kenner released the first wave of star wars toys. The saga did not stop there, different star wars toy lines soon followed after.

Star wars has managed to keep the fire burning by continuously producing variety after variety of star wars figurines. Thus collectors craze after them and now a table top game captures the fans; craving for more as star wars miniatures includes some of the rarest star wars action figures.

Star wars miniatures were formerly produced by a company called West End Games in 1989. Along with an RPG game, the star wars battle rules was set strictly so it coincides with both the role playing and table top game.

In 1999, the company declared bankruptcy cutting off the production of both the miniature and the RPG. The following year, Wizards of the Coast picked up the Star wars RPG license and released a limited metal 30mm miniature to match the line.

Wizards of the Coast or can be referred to as WotC or simply Wizards, they produced the metal minis until 2001 till the line was cancelled. They resumed production in September 3, 2004 which premiered the new star wars miniatures line of plastic 30mm figures.

WotC is a subsidiary of Hasbro since 1999 which happens to be the manufacturer of star wars action figures.

The star wars saga continues as Wizards brings in another addition to the star wars merchandise. The company is an American publisher of games basing on the themes of fantasy and science fiction. And because of this preference for this kind of genre, there would be no denying that star wars more than qualifies to be made a version as well.

The line of the star wars miniatures features hundreds of ready to play miniatures such as heroes, droids, aliens, villains and creatures of all descriptions.

What is a star wars miniature?

Star wars mini represents a variety of star wars characters. There are rebels, jedi and aliens of all sorts. The miniature has a scale of 34mm and their sizes range from small to large and all of which is individually fully assembled and painted.

Collectors sought after these collectibles due to the level of rarity of each star wars mini figure which could be common, uncommon, rare and very rare. The underside of the star wars mini houses information on the character rarity, set, and the characters unique number on the set.

Each star wars miniature comes with a two-sided stat card. One side has the characters combat description; strengths, weaknesses, force powers and special abilities. The other side of the stat card contains the sketch of the character that was used to create the miniature.

Game mechanics, how to play star wars miniatures?

The game mechanics is a simplified version of the RPG counterpart.

Several scenarios, multiple maps and set themes from different settings and time periods from within the Star wars universe are available.

• Objective:

The games objective may vary. However, in standard play the player who earns the most amounts of victory points equal to or greater than the squad limit wins as long as his or her character made no offensive moves within 10 rounds.

Players score victory points equal to the cost of the characters they defeat.

• Building a squad:

To play star wars miniature, each player must build point-based squad from one of ten different in-universe factions. Players will then conduct a battle between their squads.

Different factions are available for play namely Rebel, Imperial, Republic, Separatist, New Republic, Yuuzhan Vong, Old Republic, Sith, Mandalorian, and Fringe.

The game requires that each player picks one faction to play and build a squad using the miniatures from the chosen faction. Fringe, however is an exception. Being a neutral faction, its figures can be used in any squad.

• Simplified combat rules:

Play rotates clockwise around the table starting from whoever is the first player. The player with the highest initiative check result chooses who goes first in the round.

Each round, players take turn in activating two characters at a time until all players have activated all their characters. During each turn, a character can move up to 6 squares and attack, and then move up to 6 squares and attack again or move up to 12 squares but not attack.

All damage and hit points are measured in multiples of 10. Force ratings are given to some characters, this is the number of points they spend to use force powers, re-roll bad rolls or move faster.

• Characters:

A star wars mini character can stand still without making any attacks or using any special abilities. It doesn’t matter which direction your miniatures is facing, all characters can equally see, react and fight in all directions.

The characters can only squeeze either in between magenta or orange lines which happen to be walls and pits, or could be both.

• Attacks:

Melee attacks – made by characters with Melee Attack special ability.
Non-melee attacks – made by the character that doesn’t have the Melee attack.

There are no range attacks. It doesn’t matter whether the miniature is adjacent to the target. However, there is no range limit for attacks; you are only required to have a line of sight to a legal target.

It was intentionally devised to left out range limits and modifiers so that the star wars miniature game can be kept quick to play and easy to learn.

Extra attacks – a character can make its attack at different enemies. Double and Triple attacks can only be used if the character attacks normally on its turn. Other special abilities cannot be used on a turn when other ability has been used to replace the attack.

Attacks of Opportunity – can be performed if an enemy leaves an adjacent square even if it is moving into another adjacent square. Before resolving an attack of opportunity, a destination square has to be chosen first.

• Cover and Distance:

Cover grants a star wars miniature a flat +4 bonus to its defense regardless of the number of terrain features or characters that grants cover to the target. If any part of the large character is in or behind a square containing low objects, it gains the benefit of cover. You are allowed to count low objects and pits only if the distance has to do with movement.

• Force Power and Points:

One unique feature that separates star wars miniatures from other table top game is the use of “Force power”. They are found in the miniatures of jedi, sith and other force users.

There’s also “Force ratings or points” that allow re-rolls to failed attacks or defend.

A character’s force point can be spend solely on that character, however, some star wars mini’s force power, special ability allows other characters to spend their respective force points. Specific card rules text will be stated in cases like this.

Some characters can spend their force points on multiple instances of the same effect. Also, there are force powers that can replace attacks and cannot be used more than once in a turn even if a character can spend multiple force points in his or her turn.

• Special Abilities:

Special abilities may vary from the each character. This or the force power may replace attacks and can be once again used only during a character’s turn.

Special ability must be declared in advance.

Star wars mini figures map

A star wars miniature map was created and designed by Christopher Preksta. It is a collection of custom battle grid maps for the use of the star wars RPG and table top games by Wizards of the Coast.

There are several maps representing different locations from the star wars universe. Once the players were able to agree on a point total and play format and build their squads, a map is chosen and set up.

The star wars miniature map features a one-inch square grid overlay. This indicates where the characters can move, determine range and be able to see its legal target.

Here is list of some of the official star wars miniature maps:

• Death Star (Rebel Storm Starter)

Updated League Prize only, Ultimate Missions: Rebel Storm version, not tournament legal

– Tatooine: Mos Eisley
– Cloud City

• Muunilist (Clone Strike Starter)

Ultimate Missions: Clone Strike

– Coruscant: Undercity Streets
– Geonosis: Arena Pit

• Starship (Revenge of the Sith Starter)

• Invisible Hand (General Grievous’s flagship)/Imperial Base (Ultimate Missions: Revenge of the Sith) (New Starter Set)

• Mustafar (Ultimate Missions: Revenge of the Sith)

AT-AT Colossal Pack

– Hoth: Plains
– Hoth: Shield Generator

Attack on Endor

– Forest Moon of Endor:
– Yavin 4: Jedi Praxeum
– Rancor Cave
– Ruined Base

• Korriban: Valley of the Dark Lords (Wizards League Kit) (New Starter Set)

Battle of Hoth

– Hoth: Echo Base Outpost
– Hoth: Echo Base Outskirts

• Ossus: The Great Jedi Library

A new set of star wars miniatures map are also available

• Jabba’s Place

Hideout of the notorious gangster, Jabba the Hutt, is complete with droid torture room and the rancor pit. Huge sized figures can access 75% of the map.

• Ewok Village

Able to connect with the Wizard’s Coast Endor Bunker map featured in the Attack on Endor which is set for a large scale battle. The Ewok Village walkways is hidden amongst the towering Endor forest which makes clear shot difficult.

• Ewok Village (Night)

• Echo Base

Able to connect with WotC’s Coast Hoth maps included with the AT-AT Scenario pack. This is the Rebels hidden base in the snowy Hoth system.

• Death Star (Full size)

The full sized Death Star features every location from A New Hope which includes the tractor beam, prison block, trash compactor, the chasm swing, Imperial conference room, Grand Moff Tarkin’s command center, the Death Star ray, and the Millennium Falcon.

• Death Star (Skirmish size)

A standard skirmish sized version of the Death Star, using elements from the original full sized version.

• Dock Bay 94

Able to connect with the Wizard’s of the Coast Mos Eisley map in Ultimate Missions: Rebel Storm. This is designed for RPG games and features the Millennium Falcon.

• Dock Bay 94 (Empty)

Able to connect with the Wizard’s of the Coast Mos Eisley map found in Ultimate Missions: Rebel Storm. Unlike the former Dock Bay, this map is without the Millennium Falcon and is also designed for role playing scenarios.

Star wars miniature The Clone Wars

The clone wars miniatures is Wizards of the Coast’s latest addition to its popular Star wars gaming and collectible miniatures series. There are 40 mini figures are available.

Star wars miniatures: The Clone Wars set was released November 4, 2008 and was based on the movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It is the latest expansion of the miniatures that features both new and familiar characters from the film.

Like all other star wars miniatures, the clone wars mini are in pre-painted plastic with a double-sided stat card and can be used to play skirmish-level or mass-battle combat scenarios.

For collectors, the basics of star wars clone wars collecting or in this case star wars miniatures the clone wars, requires the use of a checklist.

• Star wars miniatures: The Clone Wars database and checklist:

This comprehensive collection of Just like the other star wars miniatures their rarity are denoted as common, uncommon, rare and very rare.

Darth Sidious (Hologram) Sith Very Rare
Ahsoka Tano Republic Very Rare
Anakin Skywalker (Champion of Nelvaan) Republic Rare
Anakin Skywalker (STAP) Republic Very Rare
ARC Trooper Sniper Republic Uncommon
Barriss Offee, (Jedi Knight) Republic Rare
Captain Rex Republic Very Rare
Clone Trooper on Gelagrub Republic Rare
Commander Gree Republic Rare
Elite Clone Trooper (Commander) Republic Uncommon
Elite Clone Trooper (Grenadier) Republic Common
Galactic Marine Republic Uncommon
General Aayla Secura Republic Rare
Heavy Clone Trooper Republic Common
Mon Calamari Knight Republic Uncommon
Odd Ball Republic Rare
Padmé Amidala Senator Republic Very Rare
Star Corps Trooper Republic Uncommon
Wookiee Scoundrel Republic Common
Yoda on Kybuck Republic Very Rare
Battle Droid Separatist Common
Battle Droid (Sniper) Separatist Uncommon
Chameleon Droid Separatist Rare
Durge, Jedi Hunter Separatist Very Rare
General Grievous (Droid Army Commander) Separatist Very Rare
Heavy Super Battle Droid Separatist Common
IG-100 MagnaGuard Separatist Uncommon
Neimoidian Warrior Separatist Common
Quarren Isolationis Separatist Uncommon
Rocket Battle Droid Separatist Uncommon
Super Battle Droid Separatist Common
Techno Union Warrior Separatist Common
Aqualish Warrior Fringe Common
Gha Nachkt Fringe Rare
Human Soldier of Fortune Fringe Common
IG-86 Assassin Droid Fringe Uncommon
Nelvaanian Warrior Fringe Uncommon
Trandoshan Scavenger Fringe Uncommon
Utapaun Warrior Fringe Common

Clone Wars Mini Figures Starter Set

The clone wars starter set contains the essentials of playing your first star wars battles. The starter set contains 6 nonrandom, fully painted, plastic miniatures. It also comes with damage and force cards, game stat cards, battle map, 20 sided die and a rulebook.

• Faction: REPUBLIC
– General Obi-Wan Kenobi
– Clone Trooper
– Clone Trooper Commander

– Count Dooku of Serenno
– Security Battle Droid
– Super Battle Commander

The starter set can be use with the Star Wars Miniatures game and the Star Wars Roleplaying game.

The star wars miniatures database and checklist

The need of a database for star wars toys is also an essential in star wars minis collecting. It too requires it’s very own star wars mini figures checklist.

The star wars miniature game provides a collection of high quality and authentic star wars action figures available. It allows fans to stage their own epic battles.

Thirteen sets of star wars miniatures are out in the market and 3 more are scheduled for future release. Each of the first ten sets contains sixty figures of varying rarity. Upon the release of the clone wars, the sets only contained 40 star wars figures.

Several non-random themed packs were also released.

• Galaxy Tiles

– an expansion for the Star Wars Miniatures role playing game.
– Released on January 15, 2008
– featuring hard stock Map tiles for custom us and the tiles have several types of terrain for use in the game.

• AT-AT Imperial Walker Colossal Pack

– colloquially known as the AT-AT
– is a unique standalone Star Wars Miniature and was officially released on November 11, 2005
– Limited edition figure and is currently no longer in production

• Attack on Endor

– A scenario expression set written by Sterling Hershey
– Contents include 4 miniatures [AT-ST, Stormtrooper Officer, Scout Trooper, and Stormtrooper]
– Contents include 2 double sided maps (represents Endor, Rancor Cave, Jedi Praxeum and Ruined Base)
– Includes a scenario booklet which contains 6 scenarios continuing the Ultimate Missions set.

• Hoth Battle Pack

– A scenario expression set and is a Target Exclusive released on December 2007
– Set includes 17 miniatures:

i. Holographic General Veers
ii. Blizzard Scout 1
iii. Various Snowtroopers
iv. Various Hoth Troopers
v. A Snowspeeder
vi. Darth Vader, Imperial Commander
vii. Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun
viii. Han Solo on Tauntaun
ix. Princess Leia, Hoth Commander

• Clone Wars Battles

– released in November 2008
– is a non-random expansion set for the Star Wars Miniatures game and was sold exclusively at Target stores.
– Contains: a rules booklet and 2-sided battle map.

Set includes:

– Clone Trooper on Speeder
– ISP Speeder
– Mace Windu, Jedi Master
– Roron Corobb
– Dwarf Spider Droid
– General Grievous, Supreme Commander
– Hailfire Droid
– IG Lancer Droid
– IG-100 MagnaGuard
– Super Battle Droid Commander

• Map Packs

– Is a map pack containing two collectible miniatures released in 2009.
– Contains two collectible miniatures, two stat cards, and one double-sided battle map.