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Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 1

Learn about this animated campaign that is promoting a new era of star wars toys. Discover the new additions to the popular star wars action figures

The history of star wars action figures asserts a slow and slightly sluggish start. But several star wars films and years after, the production of star wars toys kept a steady pace.

By the time collecting star wars figurines has made its rightful mark in the industry. Toy companies soon made a sudden shift, in swift intervals, star wars figurines are never out of new figures to collect.

Among others, old star wars toys are great essentials in any star wars figures collection. These classic star wars figurines put the cherry on the cake in a collectors pile.

Concerning star wars miniatures collecting, the line has rightfully establish great wanton among star wars fans. These highly collectible minis are perfect star wars collection enhancers.

Another compelling addition to star wars action figures is the star wars clone wars.

Clone Wars are a series of sci-fi intergalactic battles. The animated micro series Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003 – 2005) and feature length Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) narrates some of the wars major campaigns.

Just like all the other star wars films, the Clone Wars is themed staging mythical literacy and historical influences. It spanned 3 years between the story of the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Expanded Universe recounted these off-screen events with an ambitious multimedia campaign.

Star Wars: Clone Wars

The cartoon micro series Star Wars: Clone Wars is an original television series produced by Cartoon Network Studios in association with LucasFilm Ltd. It aired 25 chapters from November 7, 2003 until March 25, 2005.

It showed several of the battles of the war not mentioned in any film. The original series consists of ten 30-minute installments for Volume 1 (season 1 and 2) and five 12-15 minute episodes for Volume 2 (season 3).

Clone Wars emphasized on the action rather on the story plot which contrasts to the other star wars films. The 25 episodes are mostly comprised of rugged set-epic battles.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars was released on August 18, 2008. It also introduced the television series which began airing in the fall of 2008 consisting of at least a hundred episodes which served as an expansion to the previous television cartoon.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an American 3D CGI (computer-generated imagery) television series created by Lucasfilm Animation, Lucasfilm Animation Singapore and CGCG Inc.

Set in the fictional Star Wars galaxy, the series debuted on the US-version of Cartoon Network on October 3, 2009. The Clone Wars was launched with a feature film released in theaters on August 15, 2008.

Each episode has a run time of 22 minutes to fill a half-hour slot.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Film

Since Richard Marquand directed Return of the Jedi, The Clone Wars film is the first theatrical Star Wars film to be directed by someone other than George Lucas.

The film is a 2008 CGI animated sci-fi film following the continuing adventures within the star wars saga. It is designed to serve as both a stand-alone story and an introduction to the weekly animated tv series.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars film received a unified negative review from the critics and viewers alike. Among them commented the movie’s animation as out of date, cheap and non-engaging.

The film premiered at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre on August 10, 2008 and was released in theatres on August 14 across Australia, August 15 in the US, Canada and UK by Warner Bros.

Star Wars Clone Wars Troopers

The computer animated Star Wars Clone Wars Troopers relate to the non-animated star wars Clone Troopers. They are an army of genetically modified and identical clones created to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic during it’s time of conflict which Star Wars: The Clone Wars title came about.

They are regarded to as one of the most efficient military forces to ever exist in the galaxy. The origin of the Clone Troopers traces back to the days before the fiasco on Naboo. They were cloned, raised and trained in the cities of Kamino whose genetic beginnings were owed from a famed Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett.

No star wars toy line is ever complete without the existence of the clone troopers. With the release of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Clone Troopers based on the animated film and tv series has also conquered the interest of kids and collectors alike.

As such, no star wars collector will ever miss the addition of clone troopers into their collections.

Clone Wars Troopers merchandise includes Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet which can instantly transform a voice into one of that authentic Clone Trooper. This star wars toy sports a sleek and futuristic look and details.

The adjustable helmet amplifies someone’s voice and issues popular sayings from the TV show and the film as well.

The Clone Wars Action Figures

Collecting clone wars action figures is an interesting addition to any SW collectors pile. Not only are the figures beautifully painted and animated like, but serious collectors will find it an essential to complete their star wars figures.

The Star Wars: The Clone Wars toy line was first marketed on July 26, 2008.In its debut release, TCW action figures included 3 ¾ inch star wars toys, an electronic All Terrain Tactical Force Enforcer (AT-TE), an electronic clone trooper helmet, and a customizable lightsaber.

TCW toy line is aimed at children. It took a while for the line to pick up and be successful which could be blamed on the negative reviews of the film. Luckily by Christmas of that same year shelves started to empty.

Because The Clone Wars is not actually intended for collectors but rather for the children, there are bigger weapons and action features on the star wars figures. The molds of the figures represent the animated versions of the characters as seen in the tv series.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 1

TCW articulated action figures are based on the star wars anime characters. The figures comes in sculpts of broad shoulders with a determined aura. Along with the figures are their own accessories and weapons. Carded figures are included and a 1st Day of Issue foil sticker.

Set includes the following 8 figures:

• Anakin Skywalker
• Battle Droid
• Captain Rex
• Clone Trooper
• General Grievous
• Obi-Wan Kenobi
• R2 – D2
• Yoda

Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 2

Includes the following 4 figures:

• Ahsoka Tano
• Clone Commander Cody
• Clone Pilot Oddball
• Super Battle Droid

Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 3

Includes the following 6 figures:

• Asajj Ventress
• Count Dooku
• C – 3PO
• Destroyer Droid
• IG-86 Assassin Droid
• Plo Koon

Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 4

Includes the following 5 figures:

• 212th Attack Battalion Clone
• Clone Space Trooper
• Magna Guard
• Padme Amidala
• R3 – S6 (Goldie)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 5

Wave 5 is filled with exciting new assortments of vehicles, droids, creatures, and warriors scaled at 3 ¾ – inch. Several of the figures include a bonus star wars action figure with accessories.
Includes the following 4 figures:

• Anakin Skywalker with Desert Sport Skiff
• Barc Speeder with Commander Cody
• Clone Scout with AT-RT
• Obi-Wan Kenobi with Freeco Bike

Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 6

Additional touches are added to the TCW compared to the traditional SW action figures such as removable helmets, articulated wrists, and many other distinguished features.
Includes the following 12 figures:

• Admiral Yularen
• ARF Trooper
• Clone Commander Gree
• Clone Trooper (Green, 41st Elite Corps)
• Clone Trooper (Space Gear)
• Droid (with rocket firing arm)
• General Grievous
• Heavy Assault Super Battle
• Jawa (2-pack)
• Kit Fisto
• Mace Wndu
• Rocket Ball Droid

Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 7

Includes the following 12 figures:

• 4-A7
• Admiral Yularen
• ARF Trooper (Scout)
• Clone Trooper Echo
• Clone Trooper Echo
• Commando Droids
• General Grievous
• Jawa (2-pack)
• Obi-Wan Kenobi (Space Suit)
• Super Battle Droid Sergeant
• Worm Loathsom
• Yoda

Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 8

Includes the following 12 figures:

• Ahsoka Tanu (Space Suit)
• Anakin Skywalker
• Anakin Skywalker (Space Suit)
• Cad Bane
• Clone Commander Gree
• Clone Trooper Denal
• Clone Trooper (Green, 41st Elite Corps)
• Clone Trooper (Space Gear)
• Kit Fisto
• Mace Windu
• Obi-Wan Kenobi
• Rocket Battle Droid

Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 9

The set’s packaging includes scenes from the movies and accessories such as blasters and small vehicles.
Includes the following 4 figures gift set:

• Birth of Darth Vader
• Holocron
• Jedi Showdown
• Tatooine Desert Ambush

Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures Wave 10

Star Wars TCW new action figures features a design that depicts a twist in the 3D animation style that Hasbro has previously offered. Each action figures is factory sealed on card and is brand new.
Includes the following 12 figures:

• Anakin Skywalker
• Anakin Skywalker (Space Suit)
• Cad Bane
• Captain Rex
• Clone Trooper Denal
• Count Dooku
• IG-86 (Ziro’s Bounty Hunter Droid)
• Kit Fisto
• Matchstick (Clone Trooper Y-Wing Pilot)
• Obi-Wan Kenobi
• Padme Amidala (Adventure Gear)
• Tank Gunner

Star Wars Clone Wars Miniatures

The clone wars miniatures set is WotC’s addition to the popular collectible SW miniature series. It is based on the movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars and was released on November 4, 2008.

Like the other star wars miniatures, Clone Wars minis are widely demanded for its levels of rarity namely, common, uncommon, rare and very rare. The set features familiar characters from the film as well the new ones.

The database & checklist for star wars figurines is an essential guide to acquiring the figures. In collecting star wars clone wars, it too will be highly useful in knowing all the mini figures under this toy line.

40 miniatures are featured in this set that are both appealing to kids and collectors who either wish to simply play or are seriously collecting star wars action figures.

Refer to star wars mini figures checklist for a complete list of the star wars clone wars miniatures. You will find the best and the latest selection of Star Wars action figures products for sale in our Star Wars action figures products page.