About action figure price guide online and published

Action figure price guide online and published

Information on action figure price guides

Action figure price guides are references that list the prices of collectible action figures in various grades.

Price guides are always subject to change. This is because they need to constantly update their list due to these following factors that influence the worth and value of action figures:

• Price of an action figure – an action figure’s price is not fixed compared to some other collectibles. Its worth can either fluctuate or inflate overtime depending on the market’s present demand.

• An action figure’s demand – action figures has the tendency to fall out of trend and suddenly rise to popularity. Most action figure prices depend greatly on how famous it is in a particular period.

For instance, the release of a new Transformer movie will set frenzy to Transformer action figure collecting. This assures that the price of Transformer figures will rise to compliment the collectors’ clamor.

• The action figure’s location – location is an essential factor that also influences pricing a collectible action figure. The going price of an action fig in a big city’s collectable market is different to that of a modest collectible store in a small town.

Where to find action figure price guides

• Online action figure price guide – the internet is the most convenient place to search for an updated action figure price guide. An easy and fast search online should provide you with your needed info.

These price guides mostly generalize their info. You can narrow it down by being as specific as possible on the action figure you search. You can visit trusted online stores and auction sites such as eBay, Yahoo, and Amazon who provides an up to date action figures pricing.

• Action figure price guide books and magazines – if you are using this reference make sure to get the latest edition for the most accurate and updated action figure pricing.

Magazines on action figure price guide provides a monthly update on the current market values of various action figure lines.

Below are published action figure price guide books and magazines you can refer to:

– Toy Shop’s Action figure Price guide by Elizabeth A. Stephan
– The Encyclopedia of Marx Action figures: A price & identification guide by Krauss Publications are
– Official Price guide to action figures by Stuart W. Wells.
– Lee’s Toy review
– Action Figure Digest by Tomart Publications

How to use an action figure price guide?

An action figure price guide is generally easy to use. Just make sure to only consult updated ones for a more or less accurate action figure worth.

Example of an action figure price guide:

Star Wars action figures 1978 – 1979 action figures price guide

Character name Loose 20 / 21B ESB ROTJ POTF
Boba-Fett (Fireball scene) $30 $1100 $375 $225
Death Star Droid $10 $125
Greedo $14 $155
Hammerhead $10 $135 $90 $60
Luke Skywalker (X-wing Pilot) $18 $175 $115
Power Droid $9 $130
Snaggletooth (red) $9 $140
Snaggletooth (blue) $170
Walrusman $11 $135

• The first row holds the list of character names of the Star wars figurines.

• Under the price column is a division of a Star wars figure classification and description as well as the different toy lines that it belonged to.

– Loose – pertains to an action figure that is no longer in its original packaging. Those that are still in their boxes are referred to as “carded” action figures.

Usually carded figures are priced higher than the loose ones.

– 20 / 21 B – refers to the back cards in a star wars action figure that came with its packaging. The back cards contained previous and future releases of Star wars action figs.

– ESB, ROTJ, POTF – different Star wars action figure lines that are based on the Star wars films.

A price guide’s specifications will differ based on the action figure you are looking for. Most trusted action figure price guide provides info on its manufacturer as well as the production and release dates and other necessary information.