Ways to increase the value of your figurines

Valuable Hummel Figurines

How to maintain & protect the value of your miniatures

Have you ever wondered what is the price and value of collectible figurine? Perhaps, when you try to quantify and define value, you would measure it in a matter of the monetary price of your figurine.

However, you have to realize that value of your figurines is not all the time tantamount to their price tags. The real value of figurines are determined on the extent of care and love that the collector have given.

Having to know this, follow these simple ways to maintain the beauty, thus increase the worth, of your figurines. In these ways, you will learn that giving care and protecting your figurine is definitely worth it.

But first, take in mind that if you have different kinds of figurines like pewter figurines, spun glass figurines, or crystal figurines. They are different materials so they consequently require specific ways and extent of care.

Cleanliness is basically the best and easiest way to protect the price and value of collectible figurines. Most of the time, dusting your figurines will be fine though washing them may also be a bright idea. In caring for your spun glass figurines, just use lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

Use a soft cloth in wiping them dry so as not to scratch and taint the beauty of your precious spun glass miniatures. Remember they are fragile, so handle them carefully. On the other hand, pewter figurines like your pewter dragon figurines do not often need washing.

Polishers for these figurines may be advised but only those intended for pewter. Cleaners for other metals will damage and are extremely harmful to pewter, so be keen. Dirt and dust are very obvious in crystal figurines.

That is why, they are not any exemptions in your cleaning routines. To clean and eventually protect the value of your crystal figurines, you dust them every now and then. Glass cleaners will give your crystal figurines a shine finish so they will look good as new. For all these different kind of figurines, be sure that you put them back to their shelves dry.

Aside from cleaning them, another essential way to protect the price and value of collectible figurines is to place them on a shelf or cabinet with strong and sturdy foundation so that your collectible figurines will be secured. This is highly suggested to glass figurines and crystal figurines because they easily break.

Pewter though will not break, will also bend when they often fall on the ground. The location of your display shelves must not be directly exposed to the sun. Too much heat will cause rapid deterioration to your beloved miniatures. Even too much moisture will also harm your figurine collection.

Now that you have cleaned your figurines and made sure that they are displayed in a safe area, it is also time to think about the future. If you happen to think of making your collection immortal, it is best that while maintaining their beauty, you also keep the original boxes and container of your figurines. This will be helpful for storage and if you would also decide to make a business out of your collection (e.g. selling some items that may have become rare).

In fact, there are a huge number of collectors, especially collectors of action figures, who do not move their figurines out of their boxes at all because it gives more price and value of collectible figurines given that they are untouched yet.

Again, the price and value collectible figurines will very much depend on how you will care, maintain, and protect them. The right, much more, the extra amount of concern you give them will go a long way and will make them last for a longer time you even imagined. And if you ever decide to be practical and business-oriented, the high value of your figurines may also deserve the equivalent high price!