Lladro figurines collecting

Lladro figurines collecting

Lladro figurines: simply figurines that are works of art

Lladro figurines, once you look at them, you can’t get enough of their exquisite beauty and artistry. These figurines do not only capture authentic human emotions, they are also artistically crafted making them look very valuable.

Notice the details of their faces, or even their clothes “blown by the wind”? It truly shows that these figurines have also become a means of communication and expression by inspired artists.

It was 1955 when the Lladro company by Jose, Juan, and Vicente Lladro, made sculptures and eventually figurines. They started years before that, creating vases and jugs. Their venture into sculptures with crystalline finish has tremendously increased demands in their time because of the beauty of their creations.

Different from porcelain, glass, or crystal, pewter is not as fragile. Broken pieces of glass highly risky for children would not have to bother you if you are a collector of pewter figurines.

More so, their porcelain products depicted trends of the 18th century making them look classical and historical. They even display some cultures like ladies dancing ballet or some oriental dances. All these characteristics and qualities have made people until today get hooked at collecting Lladro figurines.

Lladro figurines reflect life. Watching them displayed on a shelf makes you think that these little pieces aren’t really humans but they seem to be faces of genuine feelings. This is how artists of Lladro are serious in their craftsmanship. Sometimes, these figurines can be a picture of your childhood dreams as well, as some of these figurines are princesses and fairy tale characters like mermaids, small angels and fairies. They seem to be a reminder of the joys of being a child. And do you also know that Lladro also have figurines as Christmas ornaments? Well, Christmas is for kids, that’s how Christmas and fairy tales connect.

They are expressions of God’s creations too, with their nature themed collection. There are animal figurines by Lladro and they undoubtedly look cute!

So, you want to be immortal? Perhaps literally, that would not happen, but through your Lladro figurines, that could be possible. Not all that glitters is gold, remember? So not all heirlooms must be gold, silver, diamond, or some other expensive stones at that. Lladro figurines can be passed on through generations in the future. Immortalize the memory of you through your collections. The beauty of your figurines will last as long as you, then your children, then your grand children, take care of them and the memory that has been with the figurines.

Talking about giving your Lladro figurines to your heirs someday, these porcelain products can be perfect presents as well. Since they capture feelings of people, they can become your expression of care to someone – a friend, a family member, and other loved ones.

Rare Lladro figurines

Retired Lladro figurines are rare and are possibly more expensive. But then again, the satisfaction these pieces give you is priceless. Aside from retired pieces, there are limited edition products too.

With Lladro figurines, you don’t receive mediocre creations making you definitely not a mediocre collector of figurines. Let your preference reflect the kind of person you are. Be captivated by the beauty of figurines manufactured and made by Lladro, and become a model of a collector of superb taste.

Contact only authorized Lladro dealers to avoid getting fake figurines. Directories, Lladro figurine catalogues, and other information about Lladro products can be easily found online. Up until now, Lladro still creates vases and jugs for display other than figurines.

Pewter dragon figurines are common, but there are also other kinds of pewter figurines. There are the pewter animal figurines and pewter airplane figurines to mention a few. But then again, dragons are simply more interesting icons.

So, if you are in for an adventurous look on your shelves or curio cabinet, go for the pewter dragon figurines and send the message of power and strength. Sure, no hero in the middle ages have held captive as many dragons as you have once you become the dragon collector!