Christmas figurines ideas

Nutcracker soldiers

Improve your Christmas figurines decorations, follow these handy tips and turn your homes into winter wonderland this Christmas

Are you tired of same old Christmas figurine decorations you put up year after year? Read on and discover creative ideas on how to spruce up your place into a homey abode fit to welcome the Christmas season.

The tradition of putting up special decorations during the Christmas holiday holds quite a long and colorful history.

These various decors include Christmas trees, lights, garlands, mistletoe, nativity scenes, and Christmas figurines.

Christmas figurines

Christmas figures come in a multitude of sizes and assemblage. They serve as symbols made to welcome and grace the Christmas holiday.

For those who haven’t put up their decors and Christmas figurines yet, or want to add yet another array of Christmas figures in their display, here are some of our carefully picked Christmas figurines you don’t want to miss.

• Santa figurines
– children in general has this immense belief in Santa Clause. Adults and kids alike love Santa figurines as it helps bring the spirit of Christmas even closer and present in our homes.

• Nativity figurines
– Christmas is primarily about honoring the birth of Christ and celebrating God’s love. Nativity figures present a solemn and religious display of Christmas figures.

• Christmas guardian angel figurines
– angels are symbols of safety and peace, as they are often regarded to as guardians. Angel figurines brings Christmas a certain sense of calm and solace.

• Snowman figurines
– back in middle ages, people used to make snowmen as soon as new snow fells, a practice that is still done today. Snowfall is an indication that Christmas is coming and thus snowman figurines do too in this sense.

• Christmas tree figurines
– the Christmas tree is a notable figure in embodying the Christmas spirit. No home is ever complete without the Christmas tree in their living rooms or in anywhere else inside and outside their house.

• Nutcracker soldiers
– these wooden carvings originated back in the 15th century. They became popular Christmas decorations and figurines because of the Nutcracker Ballet which was set at Christmas and have been frequently seen since then.

Other Christmas figurines that may come in handy to fill your homes with the Christmas spirit are Mrs. Clause, Santa’s elves and his reindeers, and even Christmas carolers. Christmas figures of lavishly decorated villages depicting a scene of a winter wonderland prove to be equally famous. These figurines will brighten up our homes the way Christmas does with us.

Christmas figurines decorating ideas

Of course decorating for Christmas does not have any special recipe. But it needs more than just acquiring figurines and decors to truly make a home fit to welcome the Christmas season. Christmas decorating is not like any other type of decorating, it is an altogether a devout practice as well it is art.

You must know that there are several varieties of Christmas figures to choose from. And each Christmas figure (i.e. Nutcracker figurine) has an equally wide assortment of figures.

Know how much space you have

First thing to consider in starting your Christmas figurine decorations is to know how much space you got. If you have a big house and a wide space around your home, opt for large-sized Christmas figures.

• Large sized and outdoor types of Christmas figurines would look at their best when placed just outside your door. They would give the impression of the warm welcome that awaits your guests and relatives once they enter your house.

• Hefty nativity set figures which basically contains several figurines in one set, are most likely to strike when you place them in your lawns. Give enough space and distance among the figurines to put emphasis and importance on each one. Surround it with Christmas lights for added drama and effect.

• If you don’t have that much space, there’s lots of charming small sized Christmas figurines that you can strategically dispense around the house. For instance, you can place some under your Christmas tree, on the fireplace, put some on the center table and even on the kitchen.

• However, do not just let them sit there in lonesome beings, just like when you put them above the fireplace, station the Christmas figurines in between the stockings or socks that are also hanged there. Add other decors like poinsettias and string colorful garlands to complete the look.

Create your own unique Christmas decoration theme
Before you dispense your Christmas figurines and other decors around your house, make sure to organize them and unify them with a certain theme.

Santa Clause theme

• You want a Santa clause theme this Christmas? But don’t know just how to do that? Follow these tips.

• Naturally you will fill your house with Santa clause figures, pictures, and many more Father Christmas representation. But never to overdo the look by putting too much Santa figures. Mix it with several other characters that are still related to Santa such as Mrs. Clause, Santa’s Elves and reindeer figurines.

• For an especially unique Santa theme, mix a blast of several colored Santa Clause; don’t stick to the traditional red one to make it unique and funky.

Guardian angel Christmas theme

• If you want a celestial aura to in your homes this Christmas, this guardian angel theme would do a superb job. It will be a perfect backdrop this Christmas for reuniting and patching things in the family, just what Christmas is all about.

• Fill you house with different depictions of Christmas guardian angels figures and decorations. Mix with them with your other Christmas figurines while making sure that they still keep in line with the theme.

• Keep it simple and let white be the dominant color, let all the others be in pastel but if you want some bold ones, do make it complimentary.

You can create your very own unique themes. The key to a wonderfully done Christmas decorating is a unique imagination that is both inspiring and exciting. In this aspect, Christmas figurines will do a fantastic job of adding glamour to your Christmas decors.

And if you’re tired of pulling those dusty and worn out Christmas decors and you’re wondering where to shop for new and amazing Christmas figures, visit our Christmas figurines for sale. We have a wide selection of delectable Christmas figurines perfect for gift giving and Christmas home decorating especially picked out for you.

Christmas figurines shopping tips

Christmas figurines and other Christmas decors won’t last forever. Once you discover that your figurines has already several chips here and there, you can no longer let them sit on the living room and expect a proud display as they had done the years before when they are still spanking new.

But before you rush to the mall or browse the internet to shop for new Christmas figures, consider a few things first. Take a good inspection at your home and decide on how to make it look this Christmas.

Once you’ve done that, follow these tips on how to shop for those Christmas figures:

• Know your options
– you can either go to the mall and do typical shopping. Or if you do not have that much time, you can browse the net. There is much Christmas figurines in the internet as there is in the mall.

• Set your budget
– bear in mind that Christmas is a lavish holiday. There is much to buy and much to give and even much more to prepare with. So check your budget first. With this in thought, know how much you are willing to spend on decorations and Christmas figurines.

• Make a list
– don’t get carried away with your shopping. Sure you can get lost in an aisle-full of breathtaking Christmas figures and want to have them all displayed in your house. To avoid this, make a list of what figurines you will need and want to display and stick to it.

• Shop wisely
– before bringing your purchase to the counter, make sure to check them for defects and flaws. And if you are shopping via the net, thoroughly read and inspect the site’s shipping means to assure your Christmas figures arrive exactly like how they looked in the internet.