Nativity figurines sets

Nativity figurines sets

Learn the appropriate arrangement of your nativity figurines and know which nativity set is perfect for you

Have you been struggling to properly arrange your nativity figurines but you just can’t seem to get it right? Put away and say bye bye to those dreadful confusions, savor the tips on how to accurately and meaningfully put up your nativity figurines scene. Plus, know the different types of nativity figurines you can choose from.

Nativity figurines

Nativity figurines give life to nativity scenes, a depiction of the birth of Jesus usually displayed in a cave, stable or other structure. The scene exhibits the figures of Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus.

Other characters and nativity figures included from the Biblical story are shepherds, the 3 wise men, angels and common stable animals.

Scenes of nativity figurine set are essential part of the Christmas celebration all over the world. Christmas nativity sets were usually in miniature form but as years passed, they have been portrayed in many ways, sizes, and forms.

Types of nativity figurines
Putting up Christmas nativity figures became an indispensable practice on Christmas. Several types of it have emerged thus creating a broad range of nativity scene sets to choose from.

What separates one nativity figurines set from one another are their basic features such as size, material, and the way it is presented. Their looks range from classic old time masters to modern art made up of glass, wood, porcelain, metal, and many others.

Porcelain nativity figurines – beautifully crafted porcelain nativity set adds charm to your homes. The fact that they are fragile somehow reminds us that just like the family that they represent; we are to take care of ours too.

Willow tree nativity figurines – the peacefulness and calmness of the designs of the willow tree nativity figurines is very alluring. Their simplicity embraces the important spirits of Christmas, peace and joy.

Wooden nativity figurines – hand carved and unique nativity figurines that delivers a warm and special meaning to Christmas.

Fontanini Christmas nativity figurine set – hand painted using non-lead based paint, which is safe for the family, by villagers of Bagni di Lucca (a small village in Italy. They come in all sizes, from 50” tall down to smaller ones on 2.5 nativity figurines.

Precious moments nativity figurine sets – these Christmas nativity set scene is superbly hand-crafted and hand-painted and are made of porcelain.

Outdoor nativity figurines – obviously these large sized nativity figures deserve to be displayed outside of your house. They can be made up of any of the mentioned materials.

How to arrange the nativity set figurines?
The figures in a nativity scene hold their very own symbolism and meaning. The way in which they are arranged and positioned in a nativity scene augments its significance as well as its visual appeal.

Follow this guide on how to properly arrange your nativity figurines scene.

1.) Know the central figures and the secondary figures in a nativity set

A standard nativity set is composed of 7 figures, as mentioned; each figure in the nativity scene represents something. It is but proper that in arranging them, the basic figures get the main attention.

The basic figures in the nativity set are the baby Christ Jesus, his mother the Virgin Mary, and his father Joseph. The secondary figures are those figurines other than the holy family, such as the 3 wise men, angels, stable animals, and others.

2.) Proper arrangement

The basic or primary figures naturally must be in the midst of the nativity scene. The baby Jesus stays at the center (the nativity is a celebration of his birth) and on his side closest to him is his mother and on the other side is his father.

The secondary will be stationed as onlookers outside the circle of the main nativity figurines. The 3 wise men and the shepherds are placed right after the first circle. The shepherds should be closer to the family because it biblically indicates that they visited Christ first. Angels can be placed inside the stable just behind the holy family or above the nativity sets. Incorporate the nativity animals with the appropriate nativity figurine characters; the sheep goes with the shepherds and the camels with the 3 magi.

3.) Proper spacing

Make sure to provide enough space among the nativity figurines. Place them in such a way that they are able to emphasize their meaning and also increase their visibility.

The backgrounds and landscapes for the nativity scene could be wood, glass, straw, grass, ceramic, fabric, and the newest addition is artificial plastic stones.

There is a large selection of nativity set figurines to choose from. We have carefully picked out the most amazing nativity figurines and sets for sale just for you. These highly unique and detailed nativity scenes will surely be perfect for you and your homes this Christmas season.

Where to put your Christmas nativity figurines?

Where you place your nativity figurine set depends on their size and the size of your house and the altogether space you have.

If you have a big house and a spacious lawn, an outdoor nativity set would be most appropriate. Display it in front of the house, adorned with lights and other Christmas decors for the whole neighborhood to appreciate.

But if you don’t have that much space, charming smaller sized or mini nativity figurines would do. This would mean an indoor nativity figures scene that would give solemn warmth in the family.

It wouldn’t matter though, whichever kind and size you got for a Christmas nativity figures set, the important thing is you have one to join in the celebration of Christ’s birth.

Brief history of the nativity scene

The first nativity scene was brought about by St. Francis of Assisi in Greccio, Italy in 1223. The original nativity set came with live people and animals and was cast in a cave.

A nativity scene is also called a presepio, which is defined as a 3-dimensional representation of the birth of Jesus Christ. The nativity is composed of figures that can be arranged according to personal taste.

The story of the nativity is based on the gospels of Luke and Matthew.