Willow tree figurines collecting

Carved Willow Tree Family Grouping

Willow figurines faceless beauty warming your hearts

Willow tree figurines usually appear sentimental with the equally sentimental images they portray.

Though most of the willow tree figurines do not have faces, establishing the beauty of simplicity, their messages of love and the grace of their postures and gestures have strong impact to whomever looks at them.

The idea and artistry of these creations come from an eminent designer, Susan Lordi.

Despite them being faceless, they communicate strongly with us. These figurines having no faces are like giving any spectator the hands to put the facial expression he/she would imagine to have been the faces of the figurines.

What could have been the face of a father carrying his child? What could have been the facial expression of a girl hugging her mother? Or what could have been drawn in the face of friends comforting each other? Such are daily actions of any ordinary individual.

It must be because of these that such figurines are close to many people’s hearts, thus, a lot around the world are passionate about collecting and giving away figurines made of willow tree.

With these heartwarming effects on people, willow tree figurines are usually portrayals of angels and Christmas symbols. Catholic organizations that happen to also sell religious figurines even have willow tree figurines in their stores.

Angels most of the time look grand for they are heavenly and beautiful creatures but it is surprising to note that willow tree angels give a more soothingly solemn characteristic. On the other hand, since that Nativity scene happened in a shepherd’s den, willow tree Nativity scene reaffirms the humbleness of Jesus’ birth.

Willow tree family grouping figurines

Aside from angels and religious icons and events created into willow tree figurines, message of affection for the family are also expressed. There are designs of a father carrying a newborn child. Often times, a mother giving her daughter or her son a warm embrace is also a common scenario.

These pieces showing love among family members are perfect presents for a mother, a sister, a brother, or to anyone you treat as family. It is either you say you are thankful to experience a love like that with your family, or you want to send a message of wishing to experience a love like that.

Willow tree figurines as gifts

Willow tree figurines are also perfect gifts for friends! There are figurines showing a friend comforting another friend. There are these pieces that conveying concepts of freedom when a certain figurine is spreading her arms wide or the idea of hope when a figurine is kneeling down to pray. These are just a few among other gestures of care and passion.

And do you know that there are other willow tree collectibles aside form willow figurines? There are keepsake or memory boxes, home ornaments, willow tree photo frames, and plaques that also show messages of thanks, gratitude, and appreciation.

Having known all these stuff about willow tree figurines, start collecting your own willow tree figurines now and be pleased with their beauty or you can start all sorts of willow tree items. Encourage someone to collect their own pieces as well, through showing your own collection and giving away special pieces for special people. Share the joy and spread a warm message!