Cat figurines collecting

Cat figurines collecting

How to start and improve your cat figurine collection?

Another design of figurines that become popular with collectors is cats. Cat figurines capture the beauty and grace of cats.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats and were the first to create cat figures. Today, many people collect different types of cat figurines.

Collecting animal figures is a very common type of collecting. Same as dog figurines collecting, cat figurines are one of the most well collected animal figures. Collectible cat figurines are very popular and some are very valuable.

How to start cat figurine collecting

There is a wide variety available in different styles and price ranges. Most cat figurines have incredible realistic features. Some are free standing while others are created with in a variety of themes.

In collecting cat figurines, you should consider theme and specificity of cat miniature you want to collect. Here are some ideas that will help you start in your collection:

• Choose a material – you can choose your figurines made from glass, wood, clay, porcelain, ceramic, fine crystal, and metal. As your cat figurine collection grows, you can branch out to other cat figures made from different materials. Crystal, Glass cat figurines, ceramic cat figurines are one of the most popular.

• By artist – there are many makers of cat figurines like Swarovski, Laurel Burch, and Amy Lacombe (of Whimsiclay) just to name a few.

• Cat breeds – almost every breed of cat is being portrayed in cat figurines.

• Wild and big cats – if you crave for something more exotic, consider these big wild cat figurines: tigers, lions, cheetahs, panthers, jaguars, etc.

• Size – cat figurines vary in different sizes from miniatures to tall statuettes.

Cat figurine markings are seen at the bottom of the figurine. Most China and pottery companies have distinct markings on them.

Types of cat figures

There is a large choice of cat figurines to collect: the following are type of cat figurines:

• Siamese cats
• Cartoon cats
• Black cats
• Fat cats
• Funny cats
• Kittens
• Sleeping cats
• Stone cat figurines
• Small cat sculptures
• Cat and dog figurines
• Crazy cat lady figurine
• Cat angel figurines
• Cat lady figurine

Also consider cat figurines that celebrate a special occasion:

• Christmas cat-themed figurines
• Halloween cat figurines
• Valentine’s cat inspired figurines

There are also figurines that feature a cat climbing on a tree, a mother cat and a kitten playing together and even a cat pawing a fish in a bowl. Other cat figurines have titles and names like the Alley cat figurines made by Margaret le van. These cat collections are dressed like humans. Some are depicted from famous cartoon characters like little red riding hood, Santa Claus, etc.

Where can I find cat figurines?
Here are a few tips where to find collectible cat figurines. Online shop & auctions make it easy to find cat figurines. Catalogs, gift shops, consignment stores, craft festivals and even museum are great places to shop for cat figures.

Street fairs and flea markets help you find variety of affordable collectible figurines. You can even find hard-to-get items such as antique or vintage cat figurines.

Rare collectible cat figures

Most collectible cat figurines are made either ceramic or porcelain. When buying a vintage cat figurine, make sure that the figure is not chipped or repaired. The entire cat figure must be in good condition in order for it to be worth money.

Most likely, figurines that were made during the ancient Egyptians are the most sought after cat figures. These cat figures are of great value if they are intact and not broken. If the figurines have been nicked, chipped, or repaired it diminishes the value.

Price and value of cat figurines

These cat figurines often sell for prices that range from $6 to $ 100 and even more. Vintage cat figures cost higher than the ordinary ones. The price and value of collectible figurines depend on many factors. Vintage cat figurines usually range from $100 to $700 and even more. It depends on the condition of the cat figure.

Determining the value of cat figurines is easy. There are auction sites that sell cat figures. You can compare your cat figures to these figurines. You can also find the name of the company and the approximate year of cat figurine that you have. Another way is to check online for appraisal services.

Sending the cat figurine to a certified appraiser is the best way to know the value of your collectible cat figurine.

Now you can you can start your own cat figurine collection.