Collectible African animal figurines

Carved African animal figurines
Carved African animal figurines

Experience the safari adventure through your collectible animal figurines

Bring the action of an African safari in your home by collecting African animal figurines.

If many people collect dragon figurines and most prefer collecting angel figurines, there are actually some who love African animal figurines. It may be tempting to play with these still versions of wild animals but sadly for the kids, they are not toys.

Instead they are collectors’ items, collectors who love trips and the adventure of wildlife. For the eyes only!

Choosing what type of African animal miniatures

African animal figurines can vary in designs. Some artists make these figurines in glass or porcelain. However, there are a lot of more lifelike ones having fur and hair. They can also differ sizes. While some of these figurines are small or merely prototypes, there are also life size animal figurines for those collectors who love it very realistic. These are rare “breeds” of collectors though.

Sit back and let’s be acquainted to few probable collectible African animal figurines you would want to collect yourself. When you search African animal figurines from the internet, you would surely find among the list a giraffe figurine.

That is distinctively a safari animal. In fact some websites sell different sorts of giraffe collectibles, some are for display like giraffe figurines but some with a purpose such as giraffe spoons and giraffe wine coolers.

Being the tallest of all land-living animals and being found just in Africa, your collection of African animal figurines is not complete without a giraffe figurine. Elephants are definitely listed down too. Elephants are huge animals but you can have them as figurines.

Just like the giraffe, there are also lots of elephant collectibles. Unlike the giraffe, the elephants look more attractive because they are cute and they seem to be cuddly. But don’t be deceived; real elephants could not be as kind as they look. So, better settle having elephant as an African animal figurine instead.

Who can ever forget the unique and beautiful black and white stripes of the zebra? Without the zebra in your African animal figurines, you will always find there is something missing.

African gorillas are also common figures of African animals. They are often portrayed carrying their babies, that is, for female gorillas.

There are crystal and glass lion figurines. But you will feel the fun of safari more when you have those lions figurines that have fur and hair.

The collection is actually not yet complete. But these African animal figurines mentioned above are sure to be the ones that will make a good start for they are the common sights of real Africa. Now that you have them, you can already add more life to these figurines by arranging them by a certain theme and not just by lining them on the cabinet.

Along with these African animal figurines can be trees figurines. Be artistic enough to add some more “props” to make your little safari look like it. Just don’t overdo it or your wildlife collection can look wildly ugly.