McFarlane figures collecting

McFarlane Toys: Original Spawn Action Figure

Collecting different McFarlane action figures

Todd McFarlane was a baseball player then became a comic artist and entered the world of marriage. During his years as a comic artist, he created a cartoon character named Spawn.

In 1992, Todd McFarlane introduced his own character, Spawn. It was his first comic book that was sold 1.7 million copies. He then realized an expansion of his business by making an action figure based from his own comics.

In 1994, McFarlane founded McFarlane Toys. Over the years, the company has become one of the largest and most renowned toy manufactures in the world.

Aside from Spawn, there were other characters that were depicted like KISS, Shrek, X-Files, Austin Powers, Metal Gear Solid, Clive Barker, Akira, the Beatles, Army of Darkness, Jaws, Rob Zombie, Alien, Predator, AC/DC, and dozens of others.

McFarlane wanted to produce more action figures based on outdoor games like football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. Nowadays, Todd McFarlane currently has the right to produce action figures of professional football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. Todd McFarlane sports figurines became one of the sought after sports figure in the world.

How to start collecting McFarlane action figure

Collectors of McFarlane figures continue to increase over years since its first production. McFarlane collectors search any means just to own one of the best action figures in the world.

As each year passed, the vast increase of action figures McFarlane collectors list is totally unstoppable. To stand out among any other collectors, you must be informative about the action figure you are collecting.

In order to be one of the toughest McFarlane collectors, you should grab one of the first 1994 series of Spawn action figures. Even though there are lots of collectors out there, it is possible to own one of Blue Spawn series action figures.

If collecting the first series of McFarlane figures is tricky, try acquiring the next action series of McFarlane toys, Spawn Series 1.

Each year, McFarlane Company produces different themes of characters. They depict different cartoons and humans like:

• Alien vs. Predator (Dark Horse Comics)
• Napoleon Dynamite (Twentieth Century Fox)
• Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (Warner Bros.)
• Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit (Wallace and Gromit)
• Shrek (DreamWorks)
• Lost (ABC Television)

They also have there own line of proprietary figures including McFarlane’s Monsters, McFarlane’s Military, and McFarlane’s Dragons. Another series of McFarlane action figures are the following:

McFarlane’s Music figures

• Motley Crüe
• Slash
• Elvis Presley
• The Beatles
• Bon Jovi

Where to buy McFarlane action figures?

McFarlane figures are sold worldwide through McFarlane companies in the United States and Canada. McFarlane Toys can also be acquired by some distributors from Japan to Europe and Australia.

McFarlane toys are available at some retail outlets in United States. There are also wholesalers that distribute McFarlane figurines around the world. The easiest way is to check online. There are different websites that sell McFarlane figures. Comic books also feature McFarlane toys.

How to take care McFarlane action figure collection

Taking good care of your action figure is easy. It is just as important as collecting them. Proper care of your action figures will help your collection look great and maintains their value for years to come.

Like any other toy collectibles, McFarlane action figures can be susceptible to environmental factors and aging. Keep your McFarlane action figurines from:

• Direct sunlight – it can cause the plastic to become faded and blotchy.

• Heat – intense heat can cause the plastic to become soft and misshapen.

• High humidity – it can cause the paint on the action figure to peel and cheep. It can also cause decals to fall off and loosen the joints of the action figure.

• Dirt and natural oils – moisture from our fingers can cause a grimy buildup on your figurines if handled too must. Dust, not really harmful to the figure but it lessens the pleasing appearance of the figure.

Store or display your action figures in a room that has an average temperature. Cardboard boxes are not ideal for storage as they give access to heat and humidity. It also contains acid that can cause the action figure to discolor.

The best way to keep the McFarlane from depreciating is not to open the seal. Dust and dirt cannot accumulate inside the box if it sealed.

By following these few tips, you can enjoy your McFarlane collection in longer years. By maintaining the original value of the figure, buyers will not hesitate to take advantage of the figure because it still looks impressive.

Rare McFarlane action figures

Being one of the biggest action figure companies, McFarlane toys give excitement to their collectors by producing limited number of McFarlane action figures.

What is a chase/variant? Chase/variant action figures are produced on a limited basis and are made intentionally different than most of the production run. These chase figures are highly sought after by collectors and generally carry some additional value on the secondary market.

Example, the original action figure is Sidney Crosby in a white home Penguins jersey. And the chase figure is Sidney Crosby in a black away Penguins jersey. These rare action figures have a high value.

The 1996 Shane Doan is produced in a limited number. The MacFarlane sport figure depicts the professional ice hockey forward wearing a blue Winnipeg Jets jersey. There were only 1,996 units produced to commemorate the last year of the Jets organization before it was moved to Phoenix.

Another set of rare McFarlane sports figure is the 2003 Teemu Selanne. There were only 13 action figures released. One of those 13 action figures is recently sold for $25,000. So keep your eyes open at your local stores. You might be the last one to know about it.

McFarlane collectors club

In 1996, McFarlane collectors club became very popular. Members of McFarlane collectors can purchase an exclusive action figure. They have their own exclusive products that McFarlane Company made exclusively for them. Collectors club developed an affordable collectible figurines online where both existing and exclusive products for die-hard collector fan base is offered.

Value of McFarlane figures

With McFarlane’s details, accuracy, and reputation for delivering picture-perfect facial likenesses, their action figures were sought by most action figures collectors. When buying a McFarlane action figure, the first thing to do is to conduct a physical examination. Check for any signs of defects, lost accessories, damage packaging, etc.

McFarlane’s action figures have been a sellout success with every series and can be found at most major retailers. The price ranges from $5 up to $100. McFarlane action figure raises its value as years pass.

But do not expect that those rare and first action figures of McFarlane cost as stated above. Rare McFarlane figures usually cost $100 or more. Other chase sports figures cost $8,500 and even higher than that.