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Anime manga action figures buying tips and guide

Looking for the perfect guide in acquiring your anime figures? Do you want to know the necessary steps to assure a wise and reasonable purchase?

Learn it all here as we give you a comprehensive reference on how to buy manga anime figures and the best places to get them.

How to buy anime figures?

As the popularity of anime and manga increased, the frenzy of collecting anime figures heightened as well.

Presently regarded as a new breed of Japanese sculpture, anime figurines are priced reasonably higher than ordinary toys.

Given this, a buyer must carefully take into consideration these following factors upon deciding to make a purchase.

1.) Know what anime figure to buy

Nothing is more important than the interest you have for the action figure you are buying. Start your collection by acquiring your favorite anime action figurines first, and then expand to collecting the rest of the characters.

2.) Check the anime figures appearance and overall condition

Before you buy, carefully inspect the figure for any signs of defects. The absence and presence of paint chips, missing accessories (if there’s any), malformed and damaged parts contributes to an anime manga figures price and value.

3.) Learn the anime manga figure terms

The following acronyms describe action figures in general. These specialized terms helps collectors in organizing their collections and will help buyers in determining the condition, value, and rarity of their purchase.

• A/O – All original (everything is intact, original, and complete)
• Collectible – valuable figures that you can collect
• Exclusives – figures that are often found at retailers allowing large quantity orders
• HTF – “hard to find” action figures
• Limited Edition – figures produced in reduced quantities
• MIB – “mint in box” (excellent condition in original box)
• MIP – “mint in package” (excellent condition in package)
• Mint & Complete – in excellent shape with complete original accessories
• MNB – in supreme condition but no box
• NM – near mint
• NRFB – “never been removed from box”
• Semi – exclusive – offered to more than one store
• Shortpacks – action figures arrive in limited numbers

4.) Consult anime figures price guides

Refer to reliable action figure price and value guide. Search for related references that will help you determine the approximate value of the collectable manga figure you plan to buy.

5.) Beware of fakes and bootlegs

An unavoidable part of buying anime collectibles is dealing with fake and bootleg figures. Spotting them from the original might need a bit more expertise as they sometimes look exactly the same.

Most anime figure collectors suggest checking the packaging and the figurines paint job. These are the chief factors that are hard to copy.

Refrain from buying anime figures imported from East Asian countries (except Japan); they are mostly the ones to produce fakes.

6.) Know your anime figure seller

Make sure to purchase only from reputable shops, dealers and sellers of collectable anime manga action figures. Do not hesitate to consult and inquire from other buyers and read seller feedbacks.

7.) Learn about the terms and conditions of your purchase

Ask your seller for warrantees, guarantees, and other seller policies. Clarify the terms of payment and other expenses such as shipping costs. These documents support the authenticity of your purchase.

Where to buy anime figures

You can find action figure manga in many different venues. But not all presents the best deals.

Here is a list of the top places to acquire your anime action figures:

1.) Buy anime figures online – online anime figures auctions and manga figurine stores are convenient places to get your collectible figurines. There is a wide selection to choose from, complete with images and trusted descriptions.

Anime figures on eBay – they have just about everything including numerous collectable anime figures that promise good deals.

However, buying on auctions also presents the problem of getting caught in a bidding war. Other buyers can easily outbid you by the last minute.

Anime figures on online classified ads – has an equally wide collection of anime and manga action figures.

Check out our action figures classifieds and browse thru varied selection of anime figures. Buy, sell and exchange collectible figurines from other anime figures collectors.

Anime manga figures on top online anime figure shops such as:

• – goes by the motto “We got toys you want”. Atamaii is located in Nebraska and a member of the BBB Online. They accept payments of checks, money orders, and all major credit cards, plus, they ship anywhere.

• – famous for manufacturing and producing figures of popular anime and manga characters.

• – one of the top places to shop for anime figures. They have a huge collection of manga anime figurines and other anime goodies.

• – they have every anime action figure there is, name it and Anime Collectibles has it.

• – has been operating since 2004 and holds a wide selection of vintage and collectible anime action figures and toys.

Other sites of top anime figures company and manga action figure manufacturers are,, and Robert’

2.) Buy from other anime figure collectors – a number of trusted collectors post their anime figures collection online. They are also good sources to acquire manga anime figures, just make sure to buy from a reputable seller or collector.

You can also find and acquire anime action figurines from malls, garage and yard sales, flea markets, specialty shops, general stores, and anime figure conventions.