Collecting anime figures

Collecting anime figures

Anime manga figures collecting tips and guide in starting and improving your anime collection

The term “anime” is a Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of animation, one which originated in Japan in 1917 led by Osamu Tezuka.

In order to differentiate anime from other animated flicks outside Japan, it was then referred to as Japan animation or simply “Japanimation”.

Like manga (Japanese comics), anime too has a large audience not only in Japan but throughout the world.

Anime range in multiple facets which exists in both hand-drawn and computer animated versions. It is widely used in tv series, films, video games, internet, and commercials representing several genres of fiction.

In fact the most popular Japanese classic anime figures are based on anime shows, movies, manga, and video games. The frenzy however did not remain there but extended to influence other action figures fans thus internationally promoting anime figurines.

Because of anime’s growing popularity, action figures and other collectibles then entered the scene and caused a hustle to anime fans worldwide.

Anime figures collecting

Collecting action figures in general is regarded by some as too childish. They see no sagacity in spending fortune over toys! But as anime figures have evolved into an appealing hobby, there would be no stopping its demand in the world of collecting.

Anime and manga fans have a number of grounds on why they collect anime figurines. Just like any other collecting hobby, it revolves around the individual’s interests and passion.

In anime manga figures collecting, the basis primarily pertains to the kind of anime character that they are keen to the most. The anime figures and statues give life to what they see on tv, read on a manga, or played in a video game.

Anime is every bit an art, and so is collecting the posable representations of the anime characters. It’s a worthwhile hobby in which your favorite anime manga individuals can be held and be looked at, be displayed whenever you want.

Why collect anime figures?

One may marvel over why anime action figure collectors indulge in such fuzz. Why do they collect something way behind their maturity levels? And all these posh figurines do is sit and collect dust.

Once again, action figures are noted collector’s item. Anime manga toys fans don’t buy and collect anime collectibles for what it really is, in its corporeal form but for what the anime figurine represents. Collectors adore the representation of the character they love and idolize.

Collecting anime figures fathoms a more or less certain attachment to the figure you are collecting. There is a personal involvement present that comprise to the emotions and character of the anime action figure. To anime collectors, the figures represent a person rather than an object.

An interesting feature to anime toys collecting is that they come in a variety of styles. They usually come in 1/8th and or 1/6th scales and as action figures which are typically larger.

Anime action figures are works of art; they are highly detailed making them enviable and pricey, but for a true anime fan, it is money well spent, enjoyed and fulfilled.

With regards to the manga characters, the anime figures are great ways to expand outside the sphere of comics and black and white pages.

Anime toys and collectibles bring dear additions and a sense of completion to an action figure collectors pile.

Tips on collecting anime toys and collectibles

There is no particular way or methodology mandated to collecting anime toys but there are formulated tips that can somehow help aspiring collectors start their collections or guide serious collectors in improving their already awesome pile.

Here are some important guidelines that will surely help:

1.) Find the right anime for you

Before starting your anime collection, know first what anime do you like best, specifically which character. As mentioned earlier, anime collectors find a feeling of intimacy and attachment to the anime toys they are collecting because of what it represents.

It adds the fun, thrill, and fulfillment when you’re collecting exactly what you are interested about!

It would also be best to know the variety of anime there is as well as their genres and themes. Finding the right anime is a matter of knowing and picking the genre that you are most inclined to.

There are 5 main genres that anime falls into namely:

• Action
• Drama
• Sci-fi (science fiction)
• Horror
• Game-based

2.) Recognize anime figures collecting terminologies

Don’t go barging into collecting when you haven’t fully understood a thing. Just like any other form of collecting, anime figures too have aspects that have to be taken, step by step.

One factor is to recognize collecting terminologies. These terminologies come in forms of acronyms that are used to describe a particular item. Knowing the terms will give you an easier time in figuring out what you’re exactly buying.

Here are some of the acronyms:

• HTF – hard to find
• Prototype – the original design sample
• Sealed – never opened
• A / O – all original with everything the item was originally released with
• NRFB – never removed from box
• Mint and complete – in excellent condition with all the other accessories
• MIB – mint in the original factory box
• MIP – mint in original factory packaging
• NM – near mint
• MNB – mint, no box
• MNP – mint, no package
• Exclusive – created exclusively for a particular distributor
• Collector’s Edition – an upgrade edition of an item
• Limited Edition – only a certain number of the item was produced and released

3.) Know where to buy anime figures

Anime manga action figures are not cheap item, that’s why some people look it down, because they question the logic behind buying overpriced toys by over aged fans. But let’s face it; collecting is no easy matter that everybody can just embrace.

Because of the fact that anime toys and collectibles are nothing near economical, it is advisable to know where to purchase them. Learn the sites and places to buy authentic anime figures. Plus, there are markets out there wherein you do not have to spend fortune for that high ticket item.

Conventions – because many vendors exhibit different varieties of anime figures in a single show, conventions are amazing places to hunt and find anime figurines and goodies.

Online auction sites – the internet house just about everything. Visit online sites that deal with collectible anime figures. Compare prices and check features, acquiring your dream anime character is just a mouse-click away.

Garage sales – garage sales are home to figures that kids have outgrown with. What you will find does not guarantee any mint conditions but at least there are perfect pieces you can still pick.

Flea markets and specialty shops – what you’re dealing with here are vendors who know exactly what their stuff is. Prices are duly negotiated so it’s best to know the item’s actual worth.

4.) Know how to price your anime figurines

Selling anime figures follows the same logic as buying them. First thing to consider is the figure’s material condition. Next is to know if it’s authentic or not, rare or common, these factors contribute much to the anime figurines worth.

But again, the value of anime figures can be best determined once you know a thing or two about the anime figure itself. Pricing it takes into account the fact that it depends on how much your buyer thinks its worth and how much he is willing to pay for it.

5.) Know how to maintain your anime toys

For long time anime action figures collectors, they become reminders of the collector’s childhood which then heightens the sentimental worth of the figure.

Like any other collectible item, it’s value depends on it’s actual condition so if you’re planning to make profit out of your anime toys collection one day, it’s best to keep them in their best forms.

Keep your collection away from direct sunlight, humidity and constant temperature swings, these issues can damage the figures details and paint.

Put your anime manga figures in a safe storage container. Make sure to place the heavier ones at the bottom and don’t stack too much, this might damage the form of your anime figurine.

Clean your figures every now and then, dust can creep even in the most sealed places as well as grime can build up if the figure is not properly tidied.