Collecting Marvel action figures

A Marvel action figure collecting guide. Learn about the different Marvel figure lines


Over the years, Marvel action figures were produced by a variety of leading toy & action figure companies.

Toy Biz produced many of Marvel figures most successful lines, releasing over a hundred action figures from the 1990’s until 2007 when they re-branded to Marvel Toys. However, the company sold the newly minted Marvel action figures line to Hasbro, whom produced all Marvel figures as of 2009.

Marvel action figures, Marvel Legends Heroes action figures

Marvel Superheroes action figures

The Marvel Superheroes action figure line is the first series of Marvel action figures released by Toy Biz in 1990. The line featured figures of popular Marvel characters such as Spiderman, The Punisher, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Silver Surfer, The Hulk, Captain America, and Daredevil.

Marvel Legends action figures

This is an action figure line based on the Marvel Comics characters. The line featured Marvel action figures in 6” scales which were initially produced by Toy Biz and then Hasbro.

Toy Biz’s Marvel Legends series came with a clamshell packaging and included a comic book. The first series was comprised of The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and the Toad’s action figures.

When Hasbro took over the production in January 1, 2007, they renamed the line to Marvel toys and a comic book was no longer included in the package.


Captain America Marvel Zombie action figure

Marvel Zombies action figures

Marvel Zombies action figure line is a supporting merchandise based on the 5-issue limited comic series of the same title released by Marvel Comics. Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles produced the action figures along with a number of mini busts under the Marvel Zombie Minimates line.

Marvel Universe action figures

Marvel Universe is an action figure toy line by Hasbro that was released early in 2009. The Marvel Universe action figures are scaled at 3 ¾” and comes in detailed sculpting, multiple points of articulation, and accessories.


Classic Marvel figurine Taskmaster action figure

Classic Marvel action figures

Classic Marvel action figures are featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. The line is composed of highly detailed and artistically sculpted figurines of all Marvels’ greatest characters.

Each classic figurine is hand painted and sculpted in lead. A classic Marvel figurine is stamped with an individual number and is stored in its own collector’s box.

Spiderman action figure, Marvel Zombies Spider-Man figure

Top Marvel action figures

•    Peter Parker, Spiderman action figure – a very much ordinary man who was given great power and responsibility. Spider Man action figures first came out in the 1960’s and since then became a classic piece to any action figure collection.

•    Tony Stark, Iron man action figure  – described as a “cool industrialist and an ingenious engineer with a heart of steel”. Iron man action figures depict a modern day knight beneath a high tech armor.

The Incredible Hulk action figure, Power glow Hulk figure

•    Bruce Banner, The Incredible Hulk action figure – emerged when Banner was accidentally exposed to the blast of a test detonation of a gamma bomb. The Hulk figure is characterized as a green raging, humanoid monster and giant. Wizard magazine hailed The Hulk as the 7th greatest Marvel comics’ character.

•    Steve Rogers, Captain America action figure – he stands for the American values of truth, justice and liberty. He is characterized by his outfit bearing the colors and design of the American flag. Captain America’s figure is also best symbolized by the shield he carries.

Green Goblin action figure by Hasbro

•    Logan, Wolverine action figure – a member of the X-men. He is considered as Marvel’s most popular character. Wolverine’s character is enigmatic and exciting which adds to the demand of his media. Wolverine action figures are also Marvel’s most saleable.

•    Norman Osborn, Green Goblin action figure – he is among Spiderman’s most perpetual enemy who is best remembered for killing Gwen Stacy (Peter Parker’s girlfriend). The Green Goblin was ranked by IGN as the 13th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time in 2009.

Silver Surfer action figure by Hasbro

•    Matt Murdock, Daredevil action figure – a blind lawyer by day and a vigilant hero in a big red devil costume by night. Daredevil action figure is the 13th figurine in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection and is featured in the 3rd series of Marvel Legends toy line.

•    Norrin Rad, Silver Surfer action figure – an antagonist character in Fantastic 4. He is a young astronomer of the planet Zenn-La, a space ways sentinel and a weird cosmic hero. Silver Surfer action figure is favored for being a chrome-plated gallant on a surfer.

Marvel Select: Abomination action figure

Marvel action figures buying guide

How to buy Marvel action figures?

1.    Decide on what Marvel action figure to buy. You can acquire the figures of your favorite Marvel characters or you can get the ones that are still not in your collection.

2.    Before making a purchase, thoroughly check the condition of the Marvel figure. Look for any signs of wear and tear that can influence its price and value.

3.    Know your Marvel action figure seller. Make sure to purchase only from trusted sellers with a positive feedback and reputation and one that is clear with his or her policies and the terms and condition of your purchase.


Wolverine action figure, X-men New Avengers Wolverine figurine

Where to buy Marvel action figures?

•    Marvel action figures on online auctions – find and buy collectable Marvel figures from trusted online auction sites such as eBay. They present a wide selection of Marvel figures from different Marvel action figure lines.

•    Marvel action figures on online classified ads – also give collectors a wide selection of Marvel figurines to choose from. Visit our action figure classifieds where you can sell, buy, and trade Marvel figures with other action figure collectors.

•    Marvel action figures on online action figure shops and stores – several sites of online stores presents an interesting collection of marvel action figures.

You can also find and buy Marvel action figures from malls, collectible toy shops, and garage sales.



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