Iron man action figures collecting

Iron man action figure

Know about the vintage and top Ironman action figures to add in your collection

Iron man first appeared in the pages of Tales of Suspense produced by Marvel comics in March 1963. Armed with an interesting story plot and an intriguing personality, this fictional superhero became a hit in no time, spanning to other media and merchandise such as tv shows, films, and action figures.

Iron Man figurines gained more popularity as the figures’ sculpt and armor changed constantly to keep up with how they were represented in the comics. Fans and Ironman figures collectors found favor with this consistent modification and responded positively.

Different Iron Man action figure armors:

• Iron man action figure with Metallic Grey Mark I armor – the very first armor that Tony Stark’s character wore as Iron Man.

• Iron man action figure with Silver Metallic II armor – the armor that Tony Stark first built when he returned from hostage captivity.

• Iron man action figure with Red and Gold Mark III armor – Iron man’s standard armor and is also the most popular version.

• Iron man action figure with Hulk Buster armor – this armor can only be seen in comic books. Many Iron man action figure collectors consider this the most intriguing and exciting armor.

Iron man encompasses several forms of media: comics, tv shows, and films. This makes a very wide variety of figures that may differ on how Iron man was represented.

In starting an Iron man action figures collection, first collect the chief and primary Iron man characters: both of his allies and enemies.

If you want to improve your pile, acquire the classic and vintage Iron Man figurines. These pieces boost the value of your Iron man figures collection.

Vintage Iron man action figures

The first Iron Man action figure was produced by Mego Corporation in 1975. The figure stood 8” tall, sported plastic accessories of gauntlets, boots, and belt and a cloth costume. This classic figure is a red and yellow titan with coin slot eyes.

It is the most unique among all Ironman action figures due to the version of its armors that featured the infamous “nose” helmet. Mego’s Iron man action figure was speculated for having its head sculpt originally designed for Dr. Doom.

In 1984, a more or less 10 years after the first collectible Iron Man figure hit toy shelves, Mattel launched the Secret Wars action figure line. Mattel’s Iron man action figure is noted for its unique head and torso.

Top Iron man action figures

A list of the Iron Man figures who captured the interest of many fans and Ironman action figure collectors either by their unique forms and sculpts, color, extra mobility, accessories, or other related factors.

• Iron man 2 War Machine action figure

– from Hong Kong’s Hot Toys
– boasts of highly detailed features specially crafted based on Don Cheadle’s image.
– Has more than 36 points of articulation
– scaled at 12” with guns and rocket launcher accessories

• Iron Man 2 Iron man Mark I action figure

– from Hasbro
– Iron man figure with an impressive looking and detailed armor
– its bulky figure prevented more articulated parts
– stands 3 ¾” and comes with a projectile launcher

• Marvel Legends Silver Centurion Iron man action figure

– fromToy Biz
– stands 6” tall and offers better articulation
– has the best sculpting details than any other Ironman figurine
– is the perfect likeness his comic book character counterpart
– comes with a giant rocket pack accessory

• Marvel Select Ultimate Iron man action figure

– from Diamond Select Toys
– scaled at 6” with an expertly recreated armor from Ultimate Universe complete with the rack system
– features several points of articulation, a removable armor in his arms
– also comes with wires to interface his arms with a machine

• Minimates Gold Iron man action figure

– from Diamond Select Toys
– the Minimates line boasts of the Gold Iron Man action figure included in the Avengers 1 box set
– also comes with the sledgehammer accessory

• Hulkbuster Super Hero Squad Iron man

– From Hasbro
– a huge IronMan action figure with the Hulkbuster suit, an armor that has made only a few appearances in the comics
– comes with a flip-flop helmet that will reveal Tony Stark’s figure inside

• Samurai Armor Iron man action figure

– from Toy Biz
– features Iron man figure wearing a highly-specialized combat Samurai Armor that is sleek and stylized
– the armor comes with katana-like blades and giant shurikens (sword hidden in the hand) made from lightweight alloy

Iron man action figure buying guide

Action figures are generally priced higher than most toys, and Iron man figures are no exception. When you decide to purchase one, make sure that you are getting something worthy of its price.

How to buy Iron man action figures?

1. Decide on what iron man figure to purchase.
2. Check the condition of the Iron man action figure you are buying.
3. See to it that you buy only from a trusted Iron Man action figure seller.

Where to buy Iron man action figures?

• Iron man action figures on online auctions – EBay and other reliable auction sites offer a wide selection of collectible Iron man action figures.

You should have enough insight in this kind of trade as you will be bidding with other action figure collectors.

• Iron man action figures on online classified ads – visit our action figures classifieds, where you can also find a varied collection of Iron man action figures.

Our directory allows you to post, buy, sell, and trade IronMan figures from other action figure collectors. You can also find and purchase Iron Man action figures from collectible toy shops, malls, and yard or garage sales.