Dog figures are one of the most collectible animal figurines & miniatures among collectors. Learn how to start collecting dog figurines. Know the different breeds of dogs that were depicted from the collectible dog figurines.

You can collect a wolf crystal miniature that depicts a howling wolf and there is also a wolf crystal figurine that shows the animal in a stalking position.

This type figurine is often made of few globes of solid crystal glass fused together and stylized to look like a cute kitty with colored glass used for eyes and fine wires used for whiskers.

Cat figures is one of the most sought after collectible animal figurines & miniatures. Cat figurines collecting started way back 1920’s. Be informed who made the first cat figurines and know the different types of cat figures.

Choose from variety of animal figurines that will comprise an African jungle that will surely spice up your collections.

Guide to maintain focus on what kinds of collectible animal figurines to collect to avoid unnecessary purchase of other animal figurines that may not be a good addition to the collection

A black angel figurine typically refers to a decorative statue or figurine depicting an angel with black wings or a black robe. These figurines can come in a variety of styles and materials, such as resin, porcelain, or metal.

Learn about different types of miniature figurines from baby angels, cherubs to animal angels like bears & cats with angel wings and halos.

Find out that there are more value to angel figurines than just being items for a collection or just being a hobby.

Learn about the advantages of collecting guardian angel figurines and suggesting what could be a good addition to the collection.

Keep your Star wars action figures collection up to date. Acquire your very own Star wars clone wars figures, a must addition to your star wars pile.

Check the toy market for classic star wars figures. These toys are valued twice even triple their original prices because of their novel features.